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Contact and Media Information

Justin Kubatko

I am the creator of and the Vice President of Sports Reference LLC. I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Grove City College and a master's degree in applied statistics from The Ohio State University. I would be happy to discuss this site or other basketball issues with members of the media or other basketball-related companies. To set up a phone call, please e-mail me at I will make every effort to return your e-mail within 24 hours.

The domain was originally owned by Sean Forman of fame. Sean also donated the server space used to host this site before the formation of Sports Reference LLC. Sean and I are both SABR members, which is how we initially came in contact with each other. After discovering that Sean owned the domain, I volunteered to put a site together. Although the site is my creation, much of the data used to create the site was donated by Sean Lahman. While I have made many additions and modifications to Sean Lahman's data, he saved me a significant amount of time.


When citing in newspapers please remember to use (note the hyphen in the name) rather than (a competing site). Also, for any online articles we would appreciate a link to the home page and/or a link to an example of any individual pages mentioned in the article.

When citing for academic articles or papers, please cite in a manner similar to what follows:

Kubatko, Justin. "(title of a particular page or blank for general citation)." - Basketball Statistics and History. (date of your visit)

If you have any other questions or comments, please send me some feedback.