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Sponsorship Messages

Messages are the text that sponsors place on player, team, or other pages. We review the text of all new or edited messages for material that falls outside of our guidelines.

The vast majority of proposed messages will be accepted, but we want to clearly state our policy just in case someone tries something inappropriate for our sites.

All messages are reviewed prior to posting on the site. We reserve the right to reject any message for any reason, and we will gladly work with you to produce a suitable message or refund your money if this bothers you.

You may not link to offensive or pornographic websites.

You may not spoof the name of another person or company that you are not a representative of. For example, the following message would not be allowed:

Link title or Sponsor Name: Stanley Scrub
Link URL (blank is no address):
Link Description: I'm a very bad basketball player.

This message would not be allowed either:

Link title or Sponsor Name: Reggie Miller (unless you can convince me you really are Reggie Miller)
Link URL (blank is no address):
Link Description: The book linked to above is a great read.

You could, however, do the following:

Link title or Sponsor Name:
Link URL (blank is no address):
Link Description: Find out why we don't like Stanley Scrub.

The following would also be permissible:

Link title or Sponsor Name:
Link URL (blank is no address):
Link Description: Reggie Miller is the greatest clutch shooter of all time. Find books about Reggie at

Not everyone has to agree with your message (like the Stanley Scrub message above), but it must be clear who is making the statement, and you may not speak for others.

Sports Reference, LLC has the final decision as to what is and is not an allowable message on the site.

Please e-mail us with any questions you have regarding the propriety of proposed messages or any other sponsorship-related questions.