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Best Christmas Performances (Individual & Team)

24th December 2010

In honor of the Christmas Day games tomorrow, here are some great Christmas performances from the past. First, the best individual games (from 1986-2009) according to "APMVAL", the adjusted plus/minus-based game score metric I introduced here:

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Checking In on James Posey & James Jones

22nd December 2010

In early November, we had a reader point out that James Posey & James Jones were having historic seasons -- namely, the two Jameses were 1-2 all-time in terms of the highest single-season percentage of shot attempts coming from beyond the 3-point arc. A month and a half later, I thought we'd check in once again on that pair, to see if they're still on a collision course with history.

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Fantasy Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Tim Hardaway, Class of 2010

15th December 2010

Back in early May, I conducted a poll asking our readers to vote on who should be inducted into the inaugural Fantasy Basketball Hall of Fame class, and you responded very well, registering almost 1,000 votes. According to the rules of the HoF (based on the Baseball Hall of Fame process), a player had to be named on 75% of ballots to be inducted, which left us with two players (2 point guards, actually): Kevin Johnson, and Tim Hardaway. KJ was honored in July, so now it's time for the original king of the killer crossover...

Timothy Duane "Tim Bug" Hardaway
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6-0 ▪ Weight: 175 lbs.
Born: September 1, 1966 in Chicago, Illinois
High School: Carver in Chicago, Illinois
College: University of Texas at El Paso
Draft: Selected by the Golden State Warriors in the 1st round (14th pick, 14th overall) of the 1989 NBA draft.

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Layups: Book of Basketball Painting

14th December 2010

This is pretty sweet... It's a PDF version of the Book of Basketball painting ESPN commissioned John Alexander to create, featuring all of the players the top 50 players in Bill Simmons' Hall of Fame pantheon-pyramid.

(Btw, somebody should make a Sporcle quiz where you identify the players from their depiction in the picture.)

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Layups: Play Connect 4 With the NBA on ESPN

13th December 2010

For those who played their share of Connect Four growing up, ESPN Arcade gives you a chance to take on either Stuart Scott, Jeff Van Gundy, Amare Stoudemire, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash or Brandon Jennings in the classic Milton Bradley game.

Be warned, though: all of these guys are apparently world-class Connect 4 players. And they will taunt you when they win. Which will be often.

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Kobe & the Percentage of a Team’s Points Produced

8th December 2010

I was messing around with the database this morning, and I decided to check out the 2010-11 leaders in the percentage of team points produced by a player while he's on the court:

Player Year Age Tm G MP PProd PProd%
Kobe Bryant 2011 32 LAL 21 697.0 537.1 34.0%
Russell Westbrook 2011 22 OKC 22 823.0 580.0 33.6%
LeBron James 2011 26 MIA 22 816.0 547.3 32.3%
Derrick Rose 2011 22 CHI 18 698.0 461.8 32.2%
Eric Gordon 2011 22 LAC 20 751.0 464.8 31.0%
Deron Williams 2011 26 UTA 22 832.0 525.9 30.6%
Devin Harris 2011 27 NJN 20 631.0 365.2 30.4%
Kevin Durant 2011 22 OKC 18 719.0 453.0 30.1%
Dwyane Wade 2011 29 MIA 21 737.0 456.4 29.8%
Steve Nash 2011 36 PHO 19 646.0 423.5 29.4%
Carmelo Anthony 2011 26 DEN 20 694.0 448.5 29.3%
Chris Paul 2011 25 NOH 20 688.0 391.8 28.8%
Amare Stoudemire 2011 28 NYK 22 811.0 519.2 28.8%
Dirk Nowitzki 2011 32 DAL 21 757.0 445.8 28.7%
Kevin Martin 2011 27 HOU 21 678.0 420.4 28.5%
Blake Griffin 2011 21 LAC 22 792.0 445.5 28.1%
Rodney Stuckey 2011 24 DET 21 684.0 369.1 28.1%
Kevin Love 2011 22 MIN 21 721.0 428.4 28.0%
Brandon Jennings 2011 21 MIL 20 705.0 369.2 27.8%
Monta Ellis 2011 25 GSW 21 832.0 489.9 27.8%

No doubt that this has been a good season so far for Kobe, but if he's producing 34% of L.A.'s points at age 32 on a team with Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, & co., what must his % have been around 2006 or so, when he was lining up with guys like Smush Parker and Brian Cook?

Curious, I dialed up the post-1977 single-season leaders in this stat:

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Layups: The NBA in the ’90s if Michael Jordan & the Chicago Bulls Didn’t Exist

2nd December 2010

Here's a fun layup from May that I didn't find until this week... As an exercise in counterfactual history, Roger Pimentel of How To Watch Sports used our own SRS to re-shape the NBA's 1990s landscape if Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls hadn't dominated the league so thoroughly. It's all for kicks, of course, but it is interesting to think of what might have been for Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, Utah, and Indiana, had #23 hadn't been standing between them and the championship.

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More Turkey Day Specials

24th November 2010

Here's a follow up to a post I made two years ago regarding the best Thanksgiving Day performances since 1987. I only looked at raw totals then, but this time around I think we should nerd it up with an overflowing cornucopia of advanced stats. Yum!

Hollinger Game Score

The most basic metric you might consider "advanced" is John Hollinger's Game Score. It's a simple linear weights formula based on his infinitely more complex Player Efficiency Rating, but the weights are a step up from something like TENDEX. Here are the best Thanksgiving games by game score since 1987:

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Contest – Name the NBA General Managers, Win a Copy of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2

8th November 2010

As a follow-up to my review of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2, Wolverine Studios president Gary Gorski has generously offered to give one lucky BBR reader a free copy of his game. And since he asked that I come up with a contest for the giveaway, I thought this would be a great chance to revisit our old friends at Sporcle...

A significant part of DDS:PB2 is devoted to testing your skills as an executive, so I want you to name every NBA team's current General Manager in under 4 minutes. You can re-take the quiz as many times as you want, but starting the moment this post goes live at 11:00 AM EST , the first person to email me a screenshot of their form with all of the answers correct, within the allotted time, wins the game.

On your marks... get set... Go!!

UPDATE: We have a winner! This contest is closed.

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The Best Uniform Numbers in NBA History

2nd November 2010

Here's a fun question: Which uniform number is the best in NBA history? As in, which number has seen the most production from the men wearing it?

For the answer, let's turn to our uniform number database and use Win Shares, which includes defense and does a good general job of separating out the good players from the bad ones. You may quibble with WS when it comes to individual players, but over huge samples of many different players, it's the perfect tool for a question like this.

Here are the most productive numbers in NBA history (not including 1950 or '51, since they didn't track minutes those years):

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