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What’s Left In Vince’s Tank?

27th July 2009

As we all know, the Champs added Ron Artest this offseason, which (in the short term, at least) only makes them more of a threat to repeat next June. In addition, arguably the Lakers' three biggest challengers to the crown also made key moves for veteran stars this offseason in an attempt to keep pace with not only L.A., but one another as well. In Part 1 of a 3-part series, we'll look at the career path of Orlando's Vince Carter, and try to determine what the 33-year-old can offer to the defending Eastern Conference champions.

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Will Artest Love L.A.? And Will They Love Him Back?

6th July 2009

Over in the comments of our offseason transactions thread, there's an interesting discussion about the recent de facto "trade" between the Lakers and Rockets, which essentially ended up swapping Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest straight-up.

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Layups: Early Offseason Moving & Shaking

2nd July 2009

From ESPN and John Hollinger, some key free agent moves over the past few weeks:

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