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Best Offensive and Defensive Coaches

21st September 2010

When I posted last month about the all-time players who played for the best offensive and defensive teams in NBA history, there was a common theme among a number of the names at the top of each list: namely, they all played for a certain coach, or under a certain scheme. It only makes sense, then, to do the same study for coaches, and determine the guys who have called the shots for the top offenses and defenses of all time (or at least, since 1951).

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Larry Brown’s (Almost Complete) Career

27th April 2010

After the Orlando Magic completed their sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats yesterday, all eyes turned to Charlotte's coach, the brilliant, often enigmatic Larry Brown -- would he stay on as the leader of Michael Jordan's team, or were the rumors that he wanted to return to Philadelphia true? Brown responded in typical Larry Brown fashion:

"A reporter asked Brown about the [Philadelphia] report after the game. 'I'm not coaching anywhere but Charlotte,' Brown said. 'Now am I going to go home and talk to my wife and kids? I'll be 70 years old and I've got two young kids. Am I going to talk to them and find out what I need to do, and am I going to talk to Michael? Absolutely. But I'm not coaching anywhere but for Michael Jordan if he wants me and if I can work it out with my family.'

Of course, Brown didn't rule out taking on a team presidency with that statement. When asked if he would consider an executive role for a team other than Charlotte, Brown responded, 'That's hypothetical.'"

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