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Layups: Basketball-Reference + Contest

15th June 2010

With the Celtics up 3-2 against the Lakers, the 2009-10 NBA season comes to an end this week as the two teams head back to Los Angeles for the sixth and possibly seventh games of the NBA Finals.

Below, you can watch the video of the Top 10 Moments of the Lakers/Celtics Rivalry:

Now, below here are Mini Movies from Games 1-5. Here’s how you’ll enter. Watch the five movies and let us know if you think any of these moments might break their way into the Top 10. Leave your answer in the comments section. The winner will be picked completely subjectively based upon whichever answer we like best and will receive a free prize courtesy of

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Layups: Blogger Q&A with Charles Barkley

11th June 2010

This week, I was invited back to participate in's Blogger Q&A series again. The guest was Charles Barkley, an inner-circle Hall of Famer and one of my personal favorite players (and announcers) of all time, so I asked Charles to weigh in on the Kobe-Pau Finals MVP debate (which may have been a bit premature in retrospect, as the Celts drew even in the series last night). As always, thanks are in order to the NBA and YouCast Corp. for putting together this opportunity.

Other Content:

Sir Charles on
TNT Crew A-Team Video
Game 1 Mini Movie
Game 2 Mini Movie
Game 3 Mini Movie
Lakers/Celtics Top 10 Moments

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Layups: Blogger Q&A with Kenny Smith

26th May 2010

Over the weekend, I was invited to participate in's Blogger Q&A with TNT analyst/2-time NBA champion Kenny "The Jet" Smith, so I asked him a question about the format of the Finals and how it felt to have home-court advantage (and disadvantage) in the NBA Finals. Many thanks to YouCast and the NBA for setting this up!

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