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Archive for August, 2007

2007 WNBA Regular Season Stats

28th August 2007

I finally got around to updating the site with the 2007 WNBA regular season statistics. You might also want to check out the sortable league leaders. And this just in: Lauren Jackson is good. Really good.

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Traffic and the Garnett Trade

6th August 2007

I thought it might be interesting to see how the news of the big deal between Boston and Minnesota affected the traffic on Kevin Garnett's player page. On July 29 Garnett's page had 100 views, a fairly typical day. On July 30 trade talk really started to heat up, and Garnett's page views jumped to 829. The next day, when the deal was all but official, Garnett's page was viewed 1234 times. On August 1, the day of the official announcement, Garnett's page views dropped to 834. Over the next four days Garnett's page had 413, 269, 201, and 221 page views, respectively. So even on a Sunday (August 5), when the site's traffic is usually light, Garnett's page was still receiving twice as many views as usual.

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