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All-Star Boxscore Breakdown!

16th February 2009

Boxscore Breakdown time! Well, kinda. I mean, I'm not going to take what was a fun and enjoyable showcase game for the league and break it down to our usual level of microscopic detail, but I did think it would be interesting to run our usual game numbers on the ASG. Because even meaningless exhibitions deserve the full treatment here at BBR.

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Layups: The No-Stats All-Star

16th February 2009

In today's New York Times Magazine, here's an article by "Moneyball" author Michael Lewis highlighting not only the surprising importance of Shane Battier (a guy who "can’t dribble, [is] slow and hasn’t got much body control") to the Rockets, but also the APBRmetrics movement as a whole.

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Layups: Name the Dunk Champs

15th February 2009

In honor of All-Star Weekend, Sporcle has a quiz that's right up our alley here at BBR: Can you name every NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner? And for extra credit, try taking the quiz with your eyes closed...

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Layups: Where Do the All-Stars Come From?

13th February 2009

The Painted Area has a really cool post on the Friday before All-Star Weekend about the demographics of this year's ASG rosters. Two of their bigger findings: the South is suddenly a big-time hotbed in terms of producing great players (KG, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Danny Granger, Amare Stoudemire, Mo Williams, Ray Allen, etc.), and the fact that New York City, the mecca of basketball for so long, is absent from the rosters (unless you're counting David West's Jersey roots, which is to me a huge stretch). Where is the Dolph Schayes, the Bob Cousy, the Julius Erving, or the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of this generation? Instead, today's NYC prospects have too often been flops like Sebastian Telfair and Omar Cook... Why is that? Anyway, you can read more about NBA player demographics at Depressed Fan, as well as Henry's response at TrueHoop.

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Layups: Awards at the Break

13th February 2009

In his most recent column at Basketball Prospectus, Kevin Pelton gives us his midseason award picks. No shockers in the most visible categories (MVP, All-NBA, etc.), but you might be a little surprised at Kevin's RoY choice...

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Layups: Simmons’ Annual “Trade Values” Column

13th February 2009

Over at, the Sports Guy came out with his always-entertaining "NBA Trade Values" column this week. Kobe fans (who I'm told make up approximately 95% of our readership here at the BBR blog) will chafe at the idea of Bryant ranking 6th, but all in all it's a fun and informative read. And if you doubt Simmons' chops as an NBA prognosticator, check out who would be winning our prediction contest at APBRmetrics...

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Biggest All-Star Snubs: 1974-2008

12th February 2009

After a post last week devoted to identifying the most undeserving All-Star selections of the past 35 years, we thought it would only be fair to flip it around and look at the players with the best seasons that didn't garner ASG nods. This is a considerably easier process than picking out the "worst" All-Stars using Win Shares, because in that endeavor we had to filter out players whose production was limited due to injury. In this case, though, we can simply look for the highest single-season WS totals by players who failed to make an All-Star roster. So without further ado, here are the 10 best seasons by non-All-Stars since 1973-74:

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Layups: Are the Refs Conspiring Against LeBron?

11th February 2009

Here's an interesting post from Corey of the Mistake by the Lake Sporting Times, regarding the perception that LeBron James is getting fewer calls this season compared to 2007-08. Clearly, the suggestion that there's some kind of conspiracy against James is tongue-in-cheek, so there are some good insights here about why what we may think we see happening isn't what's really happening at all.

(For what it's worth, LBJ's '09 FTr is the 2nd-highest of his career and down only a point from last season; right now, he's drawing fouls on 11% of his touches... which is exactly the same rate he had in 2006, 2007, & 2008.)

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Layups: Statistically Speaking

11th February 2009

Todd Spehr was kind enough to interview me for SLAM magazine online. Many thanks to Todd for helping to promote the site.

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Boxscore Breakdown: Kobe vs. LeBron, Round 2

9th February 2009

The last time Kobe Bryant's Lakers faced LeBron James' Cavaliers, L.A. came out on top with a 17-point victory at home. On Sunday, the two teams went head-to-head again in the final matchup of the season series, and this time the game would be staged on King James' home court, where Cleveland had not lost all season. But would the outcome be any different the second time around?

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