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SR News: Help SR Go Mobile

30th April 2009

In the last year, mobile traffic on the Sports Reference sites has increased by about 250%. We frequently receive requests from users to create iPhone apps and/or mobile-friendly versions of our sites, so we are forming a small focus group to help us study the issue. If you are interested in helping out, please head over to the blog and fill out the form. Thanks in advance to those who volunteer.

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Early Fishin’ Trips… With the NBA’s Best Players

30th April 2009

In the wake of an epic, unprecedented evisceration at the hands of Denver in Game 4 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals, Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets were finally eliminated from the playoffs Wednesday night with a 107-86 loss to the Nuggets in the Pepsi Center.

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Retrodicting 2008-09 with SPM

28th April 2009

Last week, I promised that we'd see how well our new statistical +/- formula "retrodicted" this season, and today seems like a good time to follow through on that.

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Keltner List: Dikembe Mutombo

27th April 2009

After rupturing a quadriceps tendon in his left knee during Houston's 107-103 playoff loss to Portland last Tuesday, Dikembe Mutombo announced his retirement from the NBA. Mutombo leaves behind a legacy of being not only one of the NBA's finest defensive players, but also of one of its finest humanitarians. A reader suggested we run Mutombo's career under the microscope of the Keltner List, so here we go...

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Layups: An Animated Playbook

24th April 2009

For all of our readers out there who are interested in some X's and O's, the site has a large library of java-animated play diagrams on file, ranging from basic offensive and defensive sets to some rather obscure plays.

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Layups: Playoff Differences

24th April 2009

AtTheHive, a New Orleans Hornets blog, took a very interesting look at the differences between the NBA's regular season and playoff numbers. Among the findings: defense becomes more of a priority, teams slow the pace down, and there's more fouling, all of which fit the conventional wisdom about how the postseason is played.

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Layups: Efficiency by Floor Location

24th April 2009

This is an old 82games article, but a good one, and I can't believe we haven't linked to it before. Based on game-charting results, it breaks down offensive efficiency by shot location, as well as by the location on the floor where the player received the basketball. It's no surprise that the best location is deep in the painted area, but the corner 3 is right up there in terms of points per shot (hello, Bruce Bowen!). Meanwhile, midrange 2s from the foul line-extended are consistently the worst shot in basketball -- it's simply not worth it to try those low-percentage shots for 2 when you could take a step back and have the shot be worth 3 points (just ask Ron Mercer).

(Hat tip: "Mountain" at the APBRmetrics board.)

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BBR News: Player Game Finder Updated

24th April 2009

I just wanted to post a short note to to let you know that the Player Game Finder has been updated to allow you to search through regular season games or playoff games. If you notice any bugs, please let me know about them in either the comments section of this post or through our feedback form.

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Layups: Live In-Game Win Probability Charts for the NBA Playoffs

23rd April 2009

Brian Burke, a football guy who runs the thought-provoking Advanced NFL Stats site, has been adding Win Probability models for basketball as well over the past few months, starting with NCAA games a few months ago. Now he's developed a pro version, and posts the live, in-game win probabilities at his new NBA site. He also explains the ins and outs of the WP model here. As someone who has dabbled in this sort of thing in the past, I highly recommend Brian's work, so go check it out.

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BBR Mailbag: More Statistical +/- Tidbits

22nd April 2009

(Before reading this, read this.)

OK, this post is in response to a few questions by our readers over the past day or so...

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