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Layups: Weiland’s Draft Previews: SFs

20th June 2009

Continuing his series on the draft, Ed Weiland of HoopsAnalyst breaks down the incoming small forwards in this summer's draft class. It's a hard group to get a read on, but it doesn't exactly look like there are any potential superstars this year.

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Layups: Name the Coaches of the Year

19th June 2009

Sporcle presents another in a long line of great NBA quizzes: Can you name every Coach of the Year Award winner?

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BBR News: 2009 NBA Draft Preview

19th June 2009

FYI, I added a little 2009 NBA Draft preview to the draft section. It lists the teams in the order that they will be selecting, the top pros drafted from each spot, and more. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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BBR News: Draft Finder

18th June 2009

In anticipation of the upcoming NBA Draft, I have added a Draft Finder to the site. You can create lists of all of the first overall selections, all players drafted from a specific college that played in the NBA, and much more. Please let me know if you come across any bugs.

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Layups: Ed Weiland’s Draft Preview (Pt. I)

18th June 2009

For those who are still recovering from the NBA Finals, here's a reminder: the NBA Draft is a week from today! Yes, time has flown by for me, too!

Luckily, Ed Weiland of HoopsAnalyst is back for what must be the 5th or 6th year in a row, bringing us what I consider must-read material, hands down the best draft previews available on the entire internet. Ed doesn't succumb to hype or anecdotal analysis; his rankings are strictly by the numbers, and he looks at the key indicators that have predicted success -- and failure -- in the past. Here are the links to Part I of his lengthy preview:

Seriously, everyone out there who's interested in the Draft should read this stuff.

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2009 Finals SPM Scores

18th June 2009

Click here for the results from Round 3.

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Layups: Simmons on the Lakers

16th June 2009

Apropos of our little Kobe debate in the comments of another post,'s own Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, has written a piece that I think perfectly sums up my feelings on Kobe, the Lakers, and the entire experience that the media gave us in these playoffs (especially during the Finals):

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Layups: Unlikely All-Stars

16th June 2009

It's been a while since we linked a Sporcle quiz, so here's one that should test your NBA knowledge: Can you name the All-Stars (since 1989) that were not taken in the 1st round of the draft?

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Random Basketball Player Name Generator

16th June 2009

Back when I was a kid, my friends and I used to play this old dice basketball game on rainy days when conditions didn't permit outdoor hoops. The game was pretty simple in and of itself, but the way we approached it wasn't -- we eventually created entire leagues with hand-scribbled schedules and logos, the copies of which have long since been scattered to the four winds. But the thing was, we always had a problem with player names. We tried using real NBA or college players and teams, but since every player had approximately the same "skills" (if you could call it that), it wasn't exactly fun to play a game where Michael Jordan and Craig Ehlo had the same probability of taking over and scoring at will. So we devised fictional players, but the names were so ridiculous, contrived, and lame that the original rosters were destroyed years ago.

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Boxscore Breakdown: Finals, Game 5

15th June 2009

And so it came to pass that Game 5 of the NBA Finals, at home in Orlando, would be the site where the weary Magic would make their last stand. Having allowed two games to slip through their fingers in the series already, Orlando now faced the sobering reality of needing to win 3 consecutive games against the Lakers, a team that did not suffer a 3-game skein all season long, to capture the prize. The odds were heavily against a comeback, but then again, the odds had been against the Magic all season. Did they have one last epic surge left, or would the Lake Show permanently crush their collective will in Game 5 on Sunday night?

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