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Feature Watch: Progressive Leaderboards

15th September 2009

Recently, you may have noticed that we updated the "Leaders" page here at Basketball-Reference, adding a "Progressive" column to both the regular-season and playoff leaderboard menus. It was a feature we had intended to add for a long time, and one we now share with our sister site Baseball-Reference. In fact, it's proven to be a popular page over at B-R, so today I'm going to let you know what the progressive leaderboards can do for you here as well.

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Layups: If MJ Hadn’t Retired in ’93… Or ’99

15th September 2009

I love this kind of thing... Over at Basketball Prospectus, Kevin Pelton uses his SCHOENE projection system for one of its coolest functions, answering the question: what would Michael Jordan's stats have looked like if he hadn't retired & come back twice, but rather played 1985-2003 all the way through?

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Early SPM-Projected 2009-10 Standings, Part II

14th September 2009

Last week, we took a very preliminary look at what our Statistical Plus/Minus projection system saw in the cards for the 2009-10 NBA Season. To project minutes played, we used a very simplistic regression equation that took a weighted average of a player's minutes over the past three seasons and regressed it heavily to the mean. Of course, this is a very rough way to estimate what a player's minutes will be next season; in fact, the standard error of the playing time regression (done on all players from 1978-2009) was 674.8, meaning that the prediction was likely to be off by a significant amount in either direction, too high or too low. As you might guess, this could severely impact the accuracy of the projected standings.

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Tutorial Videos: Linkify Tool

14th September 2009

We did a text-based tutorial a while ago, but here's our very first Basketball-Reference Video Tutorial, regarding the Linkify Tool:

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Layups: Why the NBA Needs Its Own Hall of Fame

14th September 2009

At The Painted Area, M. Haubs lays out very clearly the case for pro hoops to have its own Hall of Fame: Many of the inductees in the current Naismith Hall are ridiculous from an NBA standpoint, the current Hall is too NCAA-centric, and we have no idea who even participates in the voting process. I have to say that I agree with him — I think the NCAA ought to have a separate Hall of Fame from the pro game, because accomplishments in one are currently being unfairly equated with accomplishments in the other, when it's clearly easier to have success in college than it is in the pros (just ask Adam Morrison, J.J. Redick, and many others).

(Hat tip to TrueHoop.)

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Layups: MJ Making News on 9/11, Then and Now

11th September 2009

Michael Jordan's name is on everybody's lips today, 9/11/09, because the GOAT is being inducted into the HoF in a scant 50 minutes. But oddly enough, 8 years ago to the day MJ was also the lead story of the day... until tragedy stuck, that is:

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The Greatest Hall of Fame Classes Ever

11th September 2009

Well, it's finally here: today's the big day when we induct BBR blog favorites John Stockton & David Robinson, in addition to Michael Jordan, the greatest who ever played the game, into the Hall of Fame. And what better topic for a post than to see where this year's star-studded class ranks among the great classes of all time. The metric we'll be using, of course, is Win Shares, which luckily enough have recently been expanded to include every NBA (and ABA) season since 1951-52, the first year minutes played were tracked. So we basically have all of modern pro basketball history at our disposal now to run lists like this, which is very cool and makes this kind of exercise possible. Oh, and another note before we move to the numbers -- like we did in this article, I'm valuing an ABA Win Share at 25% less than an NBA Win Share (the reasoning behind this is explained in that article as well).

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Layups: The NBA in 86

11th September 2009

This is apparently an old blog that hasn't been updated in quite a while, but when it was active it ran for a few years... A guy named John Marzan took the time to type in many of the player comments from the old Zander Hollander 1986 Complete Handbook of Pro Basketball. If you're an eighties-era NBA head (which I expect almost all of you are), odds are you read the Hollander books back in the day, and even if not, these are fun scouting blurbs to look back on.

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Feature Watch: Player Splits

10th September 2009

After guiding Baseball-Reference's users through the player splits yesterday, we thought it would be a good idea to apply the same treatment to the player splits here at BBR today. Granted, our basketball splits are not as intensive as their baseball counterparts (yet), but they still can really help you dig deeper into a player's stats for a particular season or his entire career.

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Layups: Setting the Record Straight on MJ

10th September 2009

With Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame induction looming, it's going to be a well-deserved lovefest this weekend for the greatest basketball player of all time. But as Henry Abbott points out at TrueHoop, with all the legitimately interesting MJ stories out there, we don't need to artificially inflate His Airness' legacy by repeating the one about his being cut from the varsity team at Laney High — especially because it isn't really true.

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