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Support, Sponsor a Page

18th February 2010

Sponsoring a page is fun, fast, and easy way to support what we're doing here at Basketball-Reference. With a sponsorship, you can:

  • Show your support for your favorite player or team.
  • Drum up traffic for your own site & draw in fans with a common interest.
  • Get some well-deserved recognition for your support of BBR.
  • Make your voice heard by the tens of thousands of people who visit Basketball-Reference every day.

Here's all you have to do to get involved:

  1. Create a membership account.
  2. Find the page(s) you'd like to support, and click "sponsor" (available pages).
  3. If the page you want is already sponsored, click "Alert Me!" to be informed when the current sponsorship expires.
  4. Follow the instructions to create your message and make your payment.
  5. Your message and links will be visible on the page after we approve them (usually in less than 24 hours).

And who knows, if you're clever enough, your message might end up on lists like these.

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Server Switch – Friday & Saturday

17th February 2010

Just a note that on Friday (probably starting around 9am ET), we'll be switching to a new, more powerful server that should increase site performance and reliability. We don't anticipate any downtime, but if you do encounter any issues with the site, we apologize, and we wanted you to know the reason for any irregularities. As always, send us an e-mail if you have any questions or comments, and hopefully everything will go smoothly this weekend.

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BBR Mailbag: FT% Spikes

17th February 2010

Yesterday, reader Eric S. asked:

"I'm curious if you could tell me which players have had the biggest spike in free throw percentage. Specifically, I'm looking at players with at least 10 years in the league who suddenly have a dramatic bump in FT%.

The reason I ask is Baron Davis -- a notoriously poor free throw shooter -- came into this season averaging right around 70% for his career. This year, though, he's right around 84%. I've tried to do my own searching and I'm not finding anyone who has managed to achieve this significant of an uptick. A 5% improvement over a career mark is pretty rare, but nearly 14% is downright crazy."

It's a great question, since we tend to think of FT% as one of those stats that won't change much for a player over the years, barring some kind of radical change in shooting form/motion (and it feels like the majority of those radical changes fail to make a difference in the end). You're either a good FT shooter or you're not... unless you're one of these guys -- players who, going into at least their tenth NBA season, had established a certain FT%, and then inexplicably shot far better than that established rate (minimum 100 FTA, so it wasn't caused by a really small sample, either):

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Layups: Simmons’ Trade Value List

16th February 2010

It's an annual rite of passage for the Sports Guy, ranking the top "trade values" in the NBA from 1-40. This year, he breaks it into multiple parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Do I agree with all of it? Of course not. But I definitely appreciate the effort, and it's a fun read no matter what.

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Best At the Break

16th February 2010

Regular-season play resumes tonight after 5 days off for the All-Star break, so I thought it would be interesting to look at every NBA season and see how the team with the best record at the break fared the rest of the year:

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Check Out Olympics at!

16th February 2010

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, have you taken a look at Olympics at If not, here are some features you'll find there:

...And more!

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More On 3-Point Contest Shooting Rates

16th February 2010

Last week, I made a post comparing 3-point shooting rates in the All-Star Weekend 3-Point Shootout to the participants' rates during the season. I found that contest shooters have made 3,669 of 7,173 shots (51.2%) in the contest over the years, and if you weighted their in-season 3FG% by their contest attempts, their usual season % is 40.5%.

However, longtime commenter Jason J noted that in a way, the 51.2% figure is artificially inflated by the fact that the best contest shooters will have the most attempts -- guys that get 10 points in the first round aren't equally weighted as guys that get 20, simply because the 20-point guy will move on to Round 2.

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BBR Rankings: 2010-02-12

12th February 2010

Rising: Heat (L-@CHI, W-HOU, W-@ATL); Sixers (W-@NOH, W-@HOU, W-MIN, L-@TOR)
Falling: Grizzlies (L-HOU, L-@MIN, L-ATL); Knicks (L-MIL, L-@CLE, L-SAC)

(Want to know how the BBR Rankings are calculated? Read this first... "MLE" = Maximum Likelihood Estimate.)

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How Much Better Do You Shoot In the 3-Point Contest?

11th February 2010

The All-Star Game is coming up this weekend in Dallas, which means the usual Saturday night festivities that I often enjoy more than the actual game itself. The headline event is obviously the Slam Dunk Contest, where Nate Robinson will defend his title against Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown, and either DeMar DeRozan or Eric Gordon, but I'm also a big fan of the 3-Point Shootout, a contest that we can all relate to a little bit more than the one where guys pull off 360° windmills.

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Layups: Another Majerus Statistical Oddity

9th February 2010

I'm a little late on this one, but here's Ken Pomeroy on another bizarre statistical game by a Rick Majerus-coached team:

"[Majerus] was also the architect of the 20-point game, the lowest point total in the shot clock era. I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise that if there was one man that could defy logic and take on the challenge of completing a game by making only 2-point shots, it was Majerus. And on Saturday at the Robins Center in Richmond, that’s exactly what Saint Louis did - and they made it look a lot easier than it should have been."

That's right, Saint Louis made 0 free throws and 0 3-pointers in their 1/30 game against Richmond, a rare "achievement" indeed. The closest an NBA team came to accomplishing the same feat in our box score era was in this Heat-Lakers game from 1991: Miami made 42 FG, all 2-pointers, and made just 3 FT. But no team since 1987 has recorded zero FT in a game; the Nets made one single solitary free throw in this 2004 game vs. Minnesota, the lowest output in our box score era.

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