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Layups: Name the Franchise’s All-Time Scoring Leader

Posted by Neil Paine on February 4, 2009

Another great quiz from our friends over at Sporcle: can you name the all-time leading scorer for every franchise?


6 Responses to “Layups: Name the Franchise’s All-Time Scoring Leader”

  1. 94by50 Says:

    Too much fun. 19 out of 30. I wouldn't have gotten a couple of those names if I had eight hours.

  2. Kevin Pelton Says:

    I got 26. I was slightly thrown by the fact that they didn't take the Sonics' history to Oklahoma City, so I was trying to think who could have scored nearly 10,000 points for the Hornets since they moved to New Orleans. D'oh.

  3. fr Says:

    I also got 26. I forgot that the Cincinnati Royals are also Sacramento kings. I never thought of new orleans clippers and nets.

  4. Mike G Says:

    I had 30 with 4:08 left. Somehow I blocked out the Drexler-era Blazers. Going to the bathroom, it came to me.

    It definitely helps to recall the moves a franchise has made. I was surprised that Iverson never caught Greer in Philly. And Buck Williams averaged more points per season than RJefferson, in NJ.

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