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Layups: Hall Class of 2009 Announced

Posted by Neil Paine on April 6, 2009

As expected, it was announced today that Michael Jordan, David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, and the great Rutgers women’s coach C. Vivian Stringer have been elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. That is quite a group, isn’t it? I suppose the only question left is, could this be the greatest Hall of Fame class ever? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


3 Responses to “Layups: Hall Class of 2009 Announced”

  1. Mike G Says:

    Evolution of 'best HOF class':

    1971 Pettit, Cousy
    1980 West, Oscar, J Lucas
    1993 Erving, Issel, Bellamy, Walton, Murphy, D McGuire

    That last one looks like a bigger bunch, but this year's electees were all first-year-eligibles.
    Sloan was a player, too.

  2. Jason J Says:

    1995 - Kareem & Cheryl Miller is pretty impressive.
    1993 - Dr. J, Bellamy, Walton, Issel isn't too shabby.
    1990 - Hayes, Bing, Monroe, Neil Johnston stands out.
    1987 - Barry, Walt Clyde, Pistol for their NBA & collegiate careers are pretty iconic.
    1980 - Oscar, West, and Jerry Lucas is downright amazing.

    I'd say you could put MJ, Stockton, Robinson, and Sloan up there with any of those guys. Jordan by himself would put you close to the top with all the rings and awards and records not to mention that he changed the way the game was marketed. Then Stockton has all the point guard records at this point. Robinson is being rediscovered by all the metrics that are coming out and ranking him among the very most elite of centers - plus the guy is one of the very few to hold an MVP and a DPoY award (Jordan is another). Jerry Sloan is a defensive giant in the history of the game and a coaching institution in Utah at this point. Coach Stringer brought three different schools to the Final Four and won three coach of the year awards. Yeah, they could most definitely be the best of the best.

  3. Rashad Says:

    For me, no question it's the best class. I think Jordan and Stockton alone in the same year might qualify. We all appreciate Stockton, but he really was historically amazing. Super efficient scorer, probably best passer of all time, and those amazingly consistent steals. Just as a point of comparison, guess how many seasons David Robinson shot over 50%? 12. Stockton? Also 12! Last but not least, he needs to get major credit for the longevity issue. 19 seasons!