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Layups: Efficiency by Floor Location

Posted by Neil Paine on April 24, 2009

This is an old 82games article, but a good one, and I can't believe we haven't linked to it before. Based on game-charting results, it breaks down offensive efficiency by shot location, as well as by the location on the floor where the player received the basketball. It's no surprise that the best location is deep in the painted area, but the corner 3 is right up there in terms of points per shot (hello, Bruce Bowen!). Meanwhile, midrange 2s from the foul line-extended are consistently the worst shot in basketball -- it's simply not worth it to try those low-percentage shots for 2 when you could take a step back and have the shot be worth 3 points (just ask Ron Mercer).

(Hat tip: "Mountain" at the APBRmetrics board.)


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