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Layups: Funny Commercial w/ Kobe & LeBron

Posted by Neil Paine on May 11, 2009

In honor of the fact we've been covering the Kobe-LeBron debate all season:

Nike presents: "Chalk"


5 Responses to “Layups: Funny Commercial w/ Kobe & LeBron”

  1. Gerrit Says:

    You forgot to link to the commercial

  2. Neil Paine Says:

    So you can't see it, either? Apparently some people are able to see the video embedded, but others can't. I just added the link, though, so now everyone can enjoy.

  3. Tsunami Says:

    Neil, what do you think about the numbers Lebron is putting up through 7 games?

    Is this a historic 7 games for a player? His PER is like 45 right now....

  4. Dave Says:

    That is beautiful.

    $20 chinese, yeah.

  5. Jimmy Choo Says:

    Whatever you see – any good results – are all from the pressure.