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Layups: NBA Europa?

Posted by Neil Paine on May 10, 2009

As someone who has dabbled (very minorly) in basketball uniform design as a hobby, I can definitely appreciate this: a graduating senior at the University of Tennessee (alias "conradburry") recently put together a final design project called "NBA Europa," an 8-team European NBA spinoff complete with crests, shields, logos, jerseys, and more. He even documented the entire process of creating the league with a blog. Pretty cool, if you ask me (then again, I'm the kind of nerd that used to create imaginary dice baseball leagues when I was a kid)...

Besides, with David Stern making noise from time to time about actually expanding league operations to Europe, don't be surprised if you see something like this in real life at some point in our lifetime.

(H/T: UniWatch.)

2 Responses to “Layups: NBA Europa?”

  1. Conrad Burry Says:

    thanks for posting this glad you liked the project. i too hope something will come of this...

  2. Neil Paine Says:

    Hey, I'm pleased to hear from the man behind the project. Very cool stuff!