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Layups: “Lords of the Rings” Quiz

Posted by Neil Paine on August 13, 2009

Courtesy of Sporcle: Can you name the players who have won the most NBA championships? (Hint: It helps to know your 1960s Celtics here...)


7 Responses to “Layups: “Lords of the Rings” Quiz”

  1. KneeJerkNBA Says:

    John Stockton, Karl Malone and Charles Barkley.

  2. cody w Says:

    look at the guys who supposedly rode mj to 3 rings and got another one elsewhere....very impressive, maybe jordan didnt do it all by himself after all?!?!?!

  3. Jason J Says:

    Actually considering the fact that a player only needed 4 rings to make the list, it's pretty surprising to me that there aren't more of MJ & Scottie's teammates on it. Dennis got his other two as a serious contributor to the Pistons prior to joining the Bulls. Kerr & Perdue jumped on the Duncan gravy train (and gave good specialist minutes here and there). Perdue was actually traded for Rodman, so they crossed paths on the Chicago / San Antonio title trains. Harper and Grant of course joined Shaq & Kobe in LA, where knowing the triangle was more important than being productive at that time.

  4. KneeJerkNBA Says:

    @Jason: 'Kerr and Purdue on the Duncan gravy train'- classic. Also a big fan of 'more important than being productive at the time.' Well played.

  5. TRad Says:

    Can Kobe win one without Fisher?

  6. Daniel Bui Says:

    Lol, the only player there with 4 rings who didn't get them as a Celtics/Lakers/Bull is Tim Duncan.

  7. Mike G Says:

    Dang, how did I forget Pep Saul?