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Feature Watch: WNBA Section

Posted by Neil Paine on August 27, 2009

Yes, yes, I know... It's all too fashionable to mock the WNBA these days, to the point that it's tiresome to hear the same complaints again and again ("Except for Lisa Leslie & Candace Parker, they can't dunk!"). Basketball is basketball, as far as I'm concerned, and the ladies of the WNBA are far better basketball players than 99% of the men in the world. If you can play, it doesn't really matter whether you're male or female.

To that end, you should all head over and check out the WNBA section of our site. We've got the same advanced stats there as we have for the mens' leagues, including PER and Win Shares, plus standings, leaderboards, award voting, and more. Now, admittedly, live 2009 updates are not in place at the moment, so you'll have to go to the WNBA's home site for current season numbers, but for any other season in WNBA history, we've got you covered. As my friend Erik would say, Long Live the WNBA!

4 Responses to “Feature Watch: WNBA Section”

  1. petrel Says:

    Damned straight! I've been waiting for those 2009 updates all year and I'll probably be checking this site daily after the conclusion of the WNBA Finals.

  2. Helen Says:

    Most excellent. *and not that I care two hoots about dunking -- gimme a clean pick any day! -- but don't forget Snow and Fowles*

  3. Arlen Telle Says:

    So very glad I found this truly great site

  4. Chris Says:

    Hi, I know this is off-topic, but I was watching Game 1 of the Mercury-Silver Stars series, and I noticed Candice Dupree's eye-popping efficiency numbers:

    15.7 ppg on 66.4% fg and 93.6% ft (10.2 fga & 2.3 fta).

    Even more absurd? Her previous season highs were 45.7% fg and 78.5% ft! Has there ever been a similarly fluky season in the NBA?, see for yourself