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Layups: Hollinger’s Previews Are Here!

Posted by Neil Paine on September 28, 2009

The equivalent of Christmas morning amongst hoops stat-wonks, it's the annual unveiling of John Hollinger's NBA previews over at ESPN. And I'm sure the player comments are not far behind, either... Unfortunately, people who aren't ESPN "Insiders" don't seem to be able to access JH's stuff, which is sad -- but I guess the man has to make a living, just like the rest of us. And for those lucky enough to have Insider, enjoy.

3 Responses to “Layups: Hollinger’s Previews Are Here!”

  1. Tsunami Says:


  2. Awwwww Says:

    Awwwwww darn. Not an insider.

    Hollinger, PLUUUAHHEEEZE get back to writing in blogs!

  3. Joe Schaller Says:

    I've been waiting for Hollinger's win projections so I can tweak my own projections before my annual trip to the Hilton sportsbook in Vegas. They are just about the only place that offers the over/under on season wins for the NBA and they only take 10%.