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Layups: Name the Arenas

Posted by Neil Paine on October 2, 2009

No, not Gilbert Arenas... Sporcle wants to know: Can you name every team's arena?

3 Responses to “Layups: Name the Arenas”

  1. KneeJerkNBA Says:

    I never realized before how many corporate sponsorships there are. Lame. Only a handful of teams (Det, NY, Por, NO) aren't shilling for some conglomerate.

  2. Jared Ras Says:

    Milwaukee's arena is also not a corporate name, technically. It was a gift from the family to the city of Milwaukee in honor of a relative who just-so-happened to be a part of Allen-Bradley Co., but there is no corporate naming right.

  3. will Says:

    I had 12 and surprised to get so many... I could only think of the old names for a lot of places (ARCO arena, the forum, the boston garden, chicago stadium, american west arena - the suns, i think; MCI center hosted a team, right? [the washington DC franchise i think], the spectrum, the one place that's on the tip of my tongue for the spurs, some sort of dome with a lot of seating and a white interior roof).