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Layups: Superstars = More 3-Pointers

Posted by Neil Paine on October 13, 2009

Courtesy of Jon Nichols and, here's an interesting piece on the influence of star players on teammate 3-point shooting frequencies when they're on the court. For instance, last year's Magic shot a three-pointer 43% of the time when Dwight Howard was in the game -- and only 32% of the time when he wasn't -- despite Howard obviously being a non-3-point shooter. Intuitively, we notice that all the attention on Howard opened up the perimeter shot for his teammates, and it's cool to see the stats back up that particular observation.

One Response to “Layups: Superstars = More 3-Pointers”

  1. Tsunami Says:

    Hi Neil,
    Back on March 27, you did a study showing how Kobe/LeBron/Dwade perform against Top Defenses.

    Well, I've been in "discussions" with various bloggers about this and your analysis has come up many times as proof that Kobe is a better player than LeBron.

    I was just wondering if you could re-do that analysis for the entire season including the playoffs, not just up to March 27. I think the results will be different.

    Tom Pestak