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YouTube Finds: Get Your Classic NBA Live Music On

Posted by Neil Paine on October 14, 2009

Back in the mid-to-late 1990s, EA Sports composer Traz Damji put together a series of ridiculously funky (and catchy) background songs for the best years of the NBA Live franchise. They became synonymous with video hoops action for a generation of young, impressionable gamers, and now they're available in all their old-school glory courtesy of YouTube:

Live 96 Song #4

Live 97 Song #1

Live 97 Song #2

Live 97 Song #3

Live 97 Song #4

Live 97 Song #5

Live 98 - "Down to the Wire"

Live 98 - "Fresh Trip"

Live 98 - "Order in the Court"

Live 98 - "Paint Dance"

Live 99 - "The Big Ticket"

Live 99 - "From Downtown"

Live 99 - "1999 Funk Street" (don't you just love these names?)

Live 99 - "Keep'n It Live"

Live 99 - "Shakin 'n' Bakin"

10 Responses to “YouTube Finds: Get Your Classic NBA Live Music On”

  1. Dugal Says:

    Ah that brought back great memories - hours playing as season after season of every NBA Live year. I always tried to get 5 All Stars, never miss a free throw and win it!!

  2. Michael Says:

    I reminisce, i reminisce! I only listened to live 97, becouse i played it the most (and 2000). Great tracks, been looking for them before.

  3. Bakes Says:

    Ah... So it's been that long since I first heard those songs. I must have begun playing Live with its 97 offer since the Live 96 Song #4 is not familiar. (Does Live 96 have Shaq on the cover?) But that Live 97 Song #1 just made me smile due to its familiarity. Of all the BGMs, I must have listened to those from Live 99 the most number of times. My bro and I customized our teams. Those were the days. We still love playing against each other when time permits, be it a 5-min basketball drag race or a 20-min/quarter version of the Indy 500!

  4. Spoonybard Says:

    Yeah, I wore down the bones in my thumbs playing Live 96 and I'm not sure I recognize that first one. My strongest memories are of the nu-metal shredding that played over the title screen, and of this one ridiculously funky 5 second loop that would sometimes play bewteen quarters. I would always be happy when I got that one, and disappointed when the other one came up.

  5. Spoonybard Says:

    Ahh - the picture on YouTube shows the Genesis version. I played the SNES.

  6. Neil Paine Says:

    Here's the SNES version of Live '96:

  7. Spoonybard Says:

    That's the stuff!

  8. joshua Says:

    i remember beating my dad in nba live 2000 and i was only 5yrs

  9. Zorgon Says:

    I already have all of these songs on a CD in my car. I listen to them all of the time, just amazing stuff. Whoever decided to go for licensed tracks in 2000 (even though I love the Mothership Connection) is a damned fool.

  10. Taio Cruz Says:

    loved this article!