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BBR News: A Couple of Minor Additions

Posted by Justin Kubatko on October 30, 2009

A couple of minor additions to point out:

  • On the Player Season Finder, you can now choose "Advanced" as an output type. This will display all of the statistics found in the "Advanced" table found on the player pages.
  • A link to the blog has been added to the Quick Index links (the links found just above the "You Are Here" line near the top of the page).

Have a nice weekend!

5 Responses to “BBR News: A Couple of Minor Additions”

  1. Owen Says:

    My suggestion for a minor addition. Equip the player comparison finder to automatically input players like Yahoo does now, rather than having to search for a letter and then for the name. Small thing, love the site as always...

  2. llemur Says:

    my suggestion: add more boxscores!

  3. Deepak Says:

    Great work. Thanks.

  4. Jason J Says:

    Love the advanced option!

    Any plan to integrate SPM into the player info?

  5. Justin Kubatko Says:

    Jason J wrote:

    Any plan to integrate SPM into the player info?

    No, nothing in the works, mainly because I'm not that big on SPM at this point.