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Layups: Periodic Table of Blazers

Posted by Neil Paine on November 23, 2009

The Trail Blazers blog Bust a Bucket was thinking about team chemistry recently, and what better way to work on some chemistry problems than to break out the old periodic table? Okay, not this one... This one:

"We narrowed it down to 108 of the most influential Blazers ever. However, keep the following disclaimers in mind: (1) We only included players that were on a Blazers roster for more than one season (sorry, Jim Barnett fan), (2) We included the front office and coaches (those that really mattered) and thus (3) were unable to mention every single Blazers' cubicle warrior, despite everyone's best effort to make the Portland Trail Blazers the one we've come to love and support unconditionally, just as (4) you'll have to come to support my being a die-hard Blazer fan and a big, fat, nerd.

But, this is chemistry. Regular old water? That's easy - H(2) + O - or, in this case Drexler(2) + Porter. Another example brings up three of my all-time favorite Blazers: Silver Nitrate - Ag + N + O(3), or - Aldridge + Petrovic + Porter."

3 Responses to “Layups: Periodic Table of Blazers”

  1. Ian Says:

    Nate McMillan has coached quite poorly this season, I think. Andre Miller has performed much better with the team than Steve Blake, yet Miller is stuck behind Blake on the bench. He's also kept too short of a leash on Oden, who needs to learn to work through the foul trouble. It does appear he has acquiesced that, though.

  2. Joe Schaller Says:

    Off topic- I was just watching the guys on espn gushing all over Iverson. They noted on the stats that he was a four time scoring champ yet I would really like to know how many times he led the league in MISSED fga, how he fared in turnovers per minute and assist/turnover compared to other point guards and career adjusted field goal percentage.
    Inquiring minds want to know not IF he was overrated but HOW MUCH.

  3. Cort Says:

    i agree. plus of the shots he did make while shooting 25-30 times at about 40%, 2-3 per game were cherry pick layups. i include fgas while fouled when i say 25-30 shots a game...if his 2001 76ers didnt make the finals, he would really be considered a selfish overrated team cancer by most fans. but the east was so bad that year it was like the jv league compared to the west. that 76er team wouldnt have made it out of the 2nd round out west, maybe not even the first round.