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Layups: ’73 Sixers Rooting for 2010 Nets to Win

Posted by Neil Paine on January 20, 2010

From, are the 1972-73 Sixers the bizarro version of the '72 Miami Dolphins on the playing surface and off? The so-called "worst team of all time" (or at least the team with the worst record) is actually rooting for their pathetic new challengers, this year's Nets, to win games and not claim their dubious record. Even weirder, they're doing it for selfish reasons:

"For me, as an inconsequential sports marketer, who at the time was just starting out, it is my Cal Ripken," [Andy] Dolich said. "I will be the saddest person in the country if they break this record."

Apparently you can build a career by being associated with the worst team in NBA history. Who knew?


One Response to “Layups: ’73 Sixers Rooting for 2010 Nets to Win”

  1. Jared Ras Says:

    Timely post; with exactly 41 games played, the Nets are on pace to win 6 games.

    I doubt he'll actually be the saddest person in the country if that happened, but I guess it's some notoriety. Anyone who accomplished anything, though, would try to forget that record.