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Layups: Another Majerus Statistical Oddity

Posted by Neil Paine on February 9, 2010

I'm a little late on this one, but here's Ken Pomeroy on another bizarre statistical game by a Rick Majerus-coached team:

"[Majerus] was also the architect of the 20-point game, the lowest point total in the shot clock era. I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise that if there was one man that could defy logic and take on the challenge of completing a game by making only 2-point shots, it was Majerus. And on Saturday at the Robins Center in Richmond, that’s exactly what Saint Louis did - and they made it look a lot easier than it should have been."

That's right, Saint Louis made 0 free throws and 0 3-pointers in their 1/30 game against Richmond, a rare "achievement" indeed. The closest an NBA team came to accomplishing the same feat in our box score era was in this Heat-Lakers game from 1991: Miami made 42 FG, all 2-pointers, and made just 3 FT. But no team since 1987 has recorded zero FT in a game; the Nets made one single solitary free throw in this 2004 game vs. Minnesota, the lowest output in our box score era.


One Response to “Layups: Another Majerus Statistical Oddity”

  1. MCT Says:

    According to the NBA Guide, there has been one game in NBA history in which a team made no free throws. The first-year expansion Toronto Raptors did this on January 9, 1996 against the Charlotte Hornets. They only attempted three free throws, and missed them all. (The Raptors did hit seven three-pointers, though).

    Besides the 2004 Nets game, there has only been one other game in which a team hit exactly one free throw: the New Orleans Jazz against the Houston Rockets on November 19, 1977.

    In case anyone is wondering, the record for fewest attempts in a game is two, which has happened twice: Cleveland against Golden State on November 26, 1994, and New Orleans against Phoenix on November 17, 2004.