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Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Pool D, Round 2

Posted by Neil Paine on March 29, 2010

Now it's time for the second-round series from Pool D, courtesy of WhatIfSports (click on series links for game-by-game box scores):

#1 '91 Bulls vs. #8 '04 Pistons
Game 1: 91CHI 105, 04DET 62
Game 2: 91CHI 119, 04DET 92
Game 3: 91CHI 113, 04DET 99
Game 4: 91CHI 100, 04DET 97
(1991 Bulls Win Series 4-0)

#5 '92 Bulls vs. #13 '79 Sonics
Game 1: 79SEA 104, 92CHI 99
Game 2: 92CHI 119, 79SEA 115
Game 3: 92CHI 96, 79SEA 95
Game 4: 92CHI 108, 79SEA 95
Game 5: 92CHI 113, 79SEA 98
(1992 Bulls Win Series 4-1)

#3 '09 Lakers vs. #6 '82 Lakers
Game 1: 09LAL 117, 82LAL 107
Game 2: 09LAL 120, 82LAL 88
Game 3: 82LAL 119, 09LAL 96
Game 4: 09LAL 122, 82LAL 112
Game 5: 09LAL 116, 82LAL 104
(2009 Lakers Win Series 4-1)

#2 '50 Lakers* vs. #10 '07 Spurs
Game 1: 07SAS 104, 50MNL 66
Game 2: 07SAS 108, 50MNL 102
Game 3: 07SAS 109, 50MNL 76
Game 4: 07SAS 107, 50MNL 92
(2007 Spurs Win Series 4-0)

(* = Teams before 1952 are unavailable at WIS, so I used the '52 Lakers with as few MP as possible given to players who weren't on the '50 team.)

3 Responses to “Most Dominant Playoff Tournament: Pool D, Round 2”

  1. MyArvydas Says:

    Neil, there's a small glitch in your '91 Bulls vs. '04 Pistons series: 17 different players enter the game for Detroit during every matchup!

  2. Jayson Says:

    The 91 Bulls completely dismantling one of the greatest defensive teams of all time in the 04 Pistons?
    I think that Whatifsports may not be encapsulating how good that team was defensively after they got Rasheed Wallace.

  3. Travis Says:

    I'm sorry, no matter what the stats say, I can't see the '09 Lakers beating ANY of the showtime Lakers' championship teams, esp not 4-1. The '09 Lakers barely escaped a pretty mediocre Houston team in the semi's (4-3). Kareem + Magic trumps Kobe + Gasol any day of the week. Magic is a legitimate GOAT candidate (Kobe just isn't), and Kareem/Gasol isn't even a discussion. On top of that, the supporting cast of the '82 Lakers was unarguably better. Bob McAddoo, James Worthy, Jamaal Wilkes (~20 pts/game), and Norm Nixon vs. Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza, Derek Fisher,and Andrew Bynum.

    Yes, the '09 team won 65 games, but they were playing in a weaker league. The '82 Lakers had to go through that great Philly team of the early 80's.

    Even the Lakers of the early '00s would blow away the '09 team. I watched that team last year and I just wasn't that impressed, particularly by Kobe, the most overrated player in the league - and this is an opinion I mostly developed from looking at the stats on this website. If you look at his career stats carefully, he's not nearly the player everyone thinks he is. And he only shot 43% in the Finals, not exactly Jordan-esque (whom the media always wants to compare him to). I actually thought Gasol should have been Finals MVP.