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Layups: The Origins and Advertising Implications of “The Decision”

Posted by Neil Paine on July 12, 2010

The hour-long LeBron James "Decision" last Thursday was a made-for-TV spectacle that left myself and almost every other sports fan on the planet feeling depressed and disgusted. But according to Advertising Age's Rich Thomaselli, James' indulgent hour not only made a metric ton of money for its advertisers, but it also may have ushered in a new paradigm in advertiser-funded programming. Plus, find out how and when the seeds were planted for the LBJ decision TV special (Jim Gray!)...


6 Responses to “Layups: The Origins and Advertising Implications of “The Decision””

  1. Jason J Says:

    Is that why Jim Gray is still employed, because he's a behind the scenes corporate shill?

  2. Anon x 2 Says:

    I'm sure the late, great Bill Hicks would have some choice words for Ari Emanuel.

  3. P Middy Says:

    Jim Gray has pictures of somebody.

  4. Imadogg Says:

    Speaking of Lebron... when is Kobe gonna be updated as the newest Finals MVP? :)

  5. steve norris Says:

    im with you imadogg...i know it hurts to put it but it happened

  6. Neil Paine Says: