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Layups: Akron Woman Bought $10,000 LeBron Pendant at Yard Sale for $5

Posted by Neil Paine on July 16, 2010

From FOX Sports:

"An Ohio woman who paid $5 at a yard sale for a LeBron James pendant she thought was costume jewelry has found out it's worth nearly $10,000.

Vaneisha Robinson, 20, says she used to wear the basketball jersey-shaped pendant to high school when she didn't know its value. Then she had it appraised."

Good to know there's at least one person from Ohio who's still able to derive some benefit from James...

EDIT: ...Or not.

6 Responses to “Layups: Akron Woman Bought $10,000 LeBron Pendant at Yard Sale for $5”

  1. David Fauber Says:

    LeBron's posse already stole it back:

  2. Neil Paine Says:

    Wow, public relations really is Maverick Carter's strong suit!

  3. David Fauber Says:

    Hahaha yeah, at least he handled it marginally better than OJ!

  4. AHL Says:

    Here's another link with more quotes and details:

    "[Powers] said that LeBron James was at her house and they wanted me to come over there. They were going to make me an offer that I couldn't refuse," Robinson said.


    "When I got there, LeBron James was not there. It was about eight or nine other people there," Robinson said. "They pretty much accused me, they threatened me and they used their authority to they (sic) best ability to get the pendant in their possession."


    "They blocked her truck in the driveway. They told us that we weren't going anywhere until they got that pendant. I was scared for my life," she said.

  5. Jason J Says:

    Wow. Class acts.

  6. huevonkiller Says:

    "Wadsworth police Sgt. James Elchlinger says he determined the pendant belongs to Carter.

    Carter says it had been stolen from him.

    Robinson tells WEWS-TV the pendant belongs to her and she wants it back."

    What a weird story.

    Didn't Maverick also want LJ to stay in Cleveland? So at least LJ might not be taking too much advice from this dude.