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Layups: Matt Bonner, Sandwich Hunter

Posted by Neil Paine on July 19, 2010

I've been meaning to link to this for a long time, but I'm just now getting around to it... Apparently Matt Bonner of the Spurs (who recently inked a 4-year extension with San Antone) is, like myself, a bit of a sandwich fan. In fact, he has a blog at called "Matt Bonner, Sandwich Hunter: The Quest for the Hoagie Grail". No kidding. In his travels as an NBA baller, Bonner takes time to hunt down the best sandwiches in each NBA city; his latest entry is #26, D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches in Boston, where they make one wicked grinder. So go ahead and check out Matt's sandwich blog, and feel free to tell me in the comments section which NBA city makes your favorite sandwich.


9 Responses to “Layups: Matt Bonner, Sandwich Hunter”

  1. holden Says:

    randomly, this has been in my favorites for about a year

  2. DSMok1 Says:

    Okay, I'm hungry.

  3. P Middy Says:

    The Broodwich cannot be taken apart or disassembled.

  4. Neil Paine Says:

    First Aqua Teen Hunger Force reference in BBR history?

  5. P Middy Says:

    I hope not, but it's certainly possible.

  6. Jason J Says:

    Did you guys read about the Broodwich in Vogue?

  7. Neil Paine Says:

    I doubt it, I don't read that. I saw a disturbing piece about it in ... the Bible.

  8. Greyberger Says:

    I don't need it! I've got it licked!

    ...and I would like... to lick that sandwich.

  9. aleem Says:

    i have a sandwich shop in san antonio texas come by and try our food here its at the corner of lockhill selma and huebner my # is 210 764 0602 so give us a try u wont be dissapointed