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Layups: Kevin Pritchard Cameo in “Leverage”

Posted by Neil Paine on July 29, 2010

Kevin Pritchard may have been (undeservedly?) fired as the Blazers' general manager last month, but that's apparently not stopping him from appearing on my third-favorite summer show (Mad Men is always #1, btw, and Psych is clearly #2 for the 80s references alone):

"Kevin Pritchard will be on the show Leverage, Sunday (August 1st) at 9 P.M.. He plays a car salesman. They shot the episode back in April (IIRC) in Portland. [...] Kevin's seen in it around the 50 second mark."

6 Responses to “Layups: Kevin Pritchard Cameo in “Leverage””

  1. JTaylor21 Says:

    Dang Neil, no love for Burn Notice. Easily the best show in years.

  2. Sean Forman Says:


    Were you even alive in the 1980's?

  3. Neil Paine Says:

    I was born in 1985, as a matter of fact, so I probably remember the 80s as much as half the people who were in their 20s then. :)

  4. Gerrit Says:

    No True Blood?!?!

  5. Scotter Says:

    The 80s replayed in the late 80s and early 90s in syndication. No need to have been alive and old enough to take in pop culture for the entire decade.

  6. Chris Says:

    "Dang Neil, no love for Burn Notice. Easily the best show in years."

    True dat, true dat. Burn Notice ROCKS! But, yeah, Psych is good, too.