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Layups: The Answer to China?

Posted by Sean Forman on September 15, 2010 Iverson to China Possible?

"We're very astonished, to say the least, that not one team has contacted us with any interest," Moore told AP. "I just don't understand it. What has Allen Iverson done to not warrant interest in him?"

File this under, The Player is Always the Last to Know.

7 Responses to “Layups: The Answer to China?”

  1. P Middy Says:

    "What has Allen Iverson done to not warrant interest in him?"

    It's rare when such a simple question induces pants-pissing laughter.

  2. JTaylor21 Says:

    That's right what has AI done to not warrant interest. There are about 12-15 teams that struggle offensively that could use his services.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Never been an Iverson fan, but I have no doubt that if his off-court issues are settled and he could be dedicated to the game, that he'd be of useful service to multiple teams. That's a big if, though - and I believe that's why teams aren't willing to treat the water he resides in right now.

  4. Ryan Says:


  5. Jay Kay Says:

    Fire Byron Scott, bring back Mike Brown, sign Iverson, and let him go 1 on 5 as much as he want :)

    Solved hehe

  6. ScottR. Says:

    Sad end for a gutsy, but ultimately flawed, player. No one denies his talent, but his attitude and unwillingness to be coached or accept a lesser role have rendered him unemployable in the NBA.

  7. Shart Stats Says:

    Sad and funny at the same time. Is his agent really that clueless?

    AI is a cancer and everybody knows it except his agent apparently.

    "We talkin' 'bout practice!?"


    Mr Iverson, fire your agent quick, and get a new one that doesn't try to pretend there's no elephant in the roon. Then waive your right to veteran's minimum salary, sign with a team for $1 and show up to practice every day and try to make that team better. Then you might have a job in the NBA. Otherwise, have fun hanging out with Marbury in China or Sprewell in whatever homeless shelter he and his family are living in now...