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Poll: Would You Want the Rest of LeBron’s Career or the Rest of Durant’s Career?

Posted by Neil Paine on October 11, 2010

In a major oversight on my part, I forgot to include a poll in last week's LeBron/Durant post -- but now you have a chance to vote here... If you're building an expansion team starting this season, and you can draft any player in the league, do you build your team around LeBron James or Kevin Durant?

6 Responses to “Poll: Would You Want the Rest of LeBron’s Career or the Rest of Durant’s Career?”

  1. Joseph Says:

    I wish you'd allow us to choose "other" on the poll!

  2. P Middy Says:

    My money is on Darius Miles, too.

  3. BSK Says:

    I'm assuming we are focusing solely on the basketball contributions either player makes and that we have them from the remainder of their career. Others (rightly) brought up that attendance, endorsements, and signability were all issues if we were looking at this from a GM/Owner standpoint. However, that seems to be A) based on a lot more assumptions and conjecture than is normal for the predictions we make here and B) is getting beyond the "spirit" of the work being done here. For me, if I had to choose a guy to have on the court until the day he retires, I'm going with LeBron.

  4. AYC Says:

    Amazed it was even close; after LBJ starts dropping triple doubles every other game, we'll see how the public feels

  5. Mike Says:

    bron bron can play 1-4, however durant struggles at the point and the 4. so id go with bron bron for sure

  6. huevonkiller Says:

    LeBron is easily more complete, he's just not as likable and has far more haters.