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All-Star Game Voting

Posted by Justin Kubatko on January 28, 2011

This is just a quick note to let you know that I added yearly voting results to the All-Star Games section of the site. I tried to list the top ten guards/forwards and the top five centers, although in some years I could only get votes totals for the starters or some other subset. Here is a list of years where the top ten/five are incomplete:

1976 All-Star Game Voting
1980 All-Star Game Voting
1981 All-Star Game Voting
1982 All-Star Game Voting
1983 All-Star Game Voting
1984 All-Star Game Voting
1985 All-Star Game Voting

If you are able to find this information anywhere, please let me know.

5 Responses to “All-Star Game Voting”

  1. Sean Says:

    Do you know what happened with the 1990 game, why there was so much less voting overall?

  2. Sean Says:

    Will All-Star Game voting be added to player's pages on the leaderboards?

  3. P Middy Says:

    I believe Stern spent most of 1990 re-enacting the famous scene from Indecent Proposal with voting ballots instead of cash. There's a video out there somewhere. Filthy. But genuinely arousing.

  4. income tax guy Says:

    This is a great resource, thanks for putting this together!

  5. Ryan. Says:

    What the hell happened in 1998?