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Layups: Charlie Rose’s NBA Interviews

Posted by Neil Paine on April 18, 2011

On April 29, 2011, Google Video is shutting down. While hockey fans will lament the loss of these full-length games (some of which are also available on Hulu), this doesn't mean a lot to the NBA fan -- after all, games like this can also be found on YouTube, and who really wants to see grainy footage of a 2005 Celtics-Sixers game?

However, Google Videos also housed a number of old Charlie Rose interviews with basketball players and writers (Rose, from North Carolina, is a big fan of the game). Here are some that you should watch while you still can:

Reaction to Jordan's sudden retirement (1993):

Reggie Miller, 1995 (fast-forward halfway in)

Larry Brown/Donnie Walsh, 1995

Grant Hill, 1995

David Halberstam, 1998

Michael Jordan retires, Parts I & II (1999)

"NBA Agreement" (end of 1999 lockout)

John Wooden, 2000

Bill Russell, 2001 (fast-forward halfway in)

Magic Johnson, 2005

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