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Win Shares-Based Projections, v1.0

1. Give Y-1 a weight of 5, Y-2 a weight of 4, and Y-3 a weight of 3 and calculate the weighted sum of minutes played.

2. Use the same weights as above and calculate the weighted sum of Win Shares.

3. For seasons in which a player had zero MP, assign him 5000 minutes and WS with a per-minute rate based on his draft position: WS/min = 0.001425 + (-.00000569 * DP#).     (DP# for undrafted players = 61)

4. Calculate the player's projected per-minute WS value. To do this we will find the sum of (2), (3) (if applicable), and 9.4, and divide by the sum of (1) and 5000.

5. Calculate and apply the age adjustment. If the player is younger than 27, then the age adjustment is equal to (27 - age) * 0.059. If the player is older than 27, then the adjustment is equal to (27 - age) * 0.01.