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2010 Playoff Series Preview: Cleveland vs. Chicago

Posted by Neil Paine on April 16, 2010

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1. Cleveland Cavaliers

Coach: Mike Brown
SRS: 6.17 (2nd of 30) ▪ Pace Factor: 91.4 (25th of 30)
Offensive Rating: 111.2 (6th of 30) ▪ Defensive Rating: 104.1 (7th of 30)

Four Factors

Team eFG% Rank TOV% Rank ORB% Rank FT/FGA Rank
Cleveland Cavaliers 0.532 3 0.134 16 0.251 21 0.246 7
Cleveland Cavaliers - Opp 0.482 3 0.123 24 0.228 2 0.218 13

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Layups: Vote in the Internet Basketball Awards!

Posted by Neil Paine on April 16, 2010

The Internet Baseball Awards have been around forever, but Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus wants you to know that they aren't the only web-based sports awards maintained by the Prospectus empire. Vote or be sorry!

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2009-10 APBRmetric Awards

Posted by Neil Paine on April 14, 2010

Since I looked at the 2010 APBRmetric All-Stars back in January, we might as well name the end-of season APBRmetric Award Winners as well...

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All-Time Records on the Last Day of the Season

Posted by Neil Paine on April 14, 2010

Today is the last day of the 2010 regular season -- and in honor of that, here's a list of each franchise's all-time W-L records on the official final day of the NBA regular season:

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BBR Mailbag: ’90s Knicks

Posted by Neil Paine on April 13, 2010

It's time for a very special edition of the Mailbag, since the questions come from my colleague Chase Stuart of the PFR Blog:

My memories of the '90s Knicks is that they were a very good team that always just came up short. They were a defensive powerhouse. They probably should have won a championship or two.

But hey, I was a teenager who knew nothing about objective sports analysis. So I'm curious what an objective, intelligent view of those old Knicks would tell me. Maybe you can get a blog post out of this. But I'm thinking...

• How awesome was the Knicks D back then? It seemed to be pretty awesome in the postseason, too. I recall Miami being the A- defense to the Knicks having the A defense. Did the NYK actually have the #1 D? Where does their best D rank historically?

• How awesome was Ewing? Defensively and overall?

• Should the Knicks have won a championship in the '90s? Were they ever the best team?

• Were any of the role players actually any good? Starks, Mason, Oakley, Ward, Childs, X-Man, etc. They all seemed like a bunch of gritty guys; they almost sound like the '01 Patriots as I think back on them.

• Any other thoughts you can think of?

Okay Chase, let's talk the 1990s Knicks...

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Uniform Tweaks: Celtics, Hawks, and Bulls

Posted by Neil Paine on April 12, 2010

Over at Uni Watch, Paul Lukas has been posting some fun "uniform tweaks", new uniform concepts for (mostly baseball) teams. He has presented some basketball ones, of course, but since I created a ton of NBA & CBB uniform re-creations in MS Paint a long time ago, I thought I'd try my hand at some tweaks, redesigns, and "fauxbacks" (aka "a retro-ish uniform that is clearly meant to evoke a particular design from the past but does not quite duplicate that design faithfully, sometimes due to laziness or inattention to detail, sometimes intentionally") in an ongoing series here at the blog. Some of them will be bad, I admit that going in. But some of them will hopefully be cool, or at least different. And if you have any of your own, I'd love to post them as well, so hit me up with an e-mail and send me what you've got.

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BBR Rankings: 2010-04-09

Posted by Neil Paine on April 9, 2010

Rising: Nuggets (W-LAC, W-@OKC, W-LAL), Spurs (W-@LAL, W-@SAC, L-@PHO)
Falling: Jazz (L-@LAL, W-OKC, L-@HOU), Celtics (L-HOU, W-CLE, L-@NYK, W-@TOR)

(Want to know how the BBR Rankings are calculated? Read this first... "MLE" = Maximum Likelihood Estimate.)

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Keltner List: Vince Carter

Posted by Neil Paine on April 9, 2010

Recently, it's come to my attention that the mere possibility of VC making the Hall of Fame apparently evokes an angry, violent, nauseous reaction on par with this. Then again, there's no doubting he's been one of the defining figures of the post-MJ era, for better or for worse. So what's the verdict? Hall or no Hall for Mr. Carter? Let's do this...


Position: SG/SF
Height: 6-7 Weight: 215 lbs.
Born: January 26, 1977 in Daytona Beach, Florida
High School: Mainland in Daytona Beach, Florida
College: University of North Carolina
Draft: Selected by the Golden State Warriors in the 1st round (5th pick, 5th overall) of the 1998 NBA draft.

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Player Audit: Adrian Dantley

Posted by Neil Paine on April 8, 2010

As his prize for winning the 2010 Basketball-Reference NCAA Tournament Pool contest, reader Ian was able to request a post on a basketball-related subject of his choosing. The topic he went with:

"As for a subject of the blog, I'll go with my childhood hero, who I feel has long been unheralded by the masses, although I'll admit my bias. I'd love to see a blog dedicated to one Adrian Delano Dantley."

Great choice, Ian! Let's get our Player Audit on...

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Morey and the “No-Star” Rockets

Posted by Justin Kubatko on April 8, 2010

This morning, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted the following:

Season ending 2 soon but some hope-we are best tm ever without an all-star player

Henry Abbott then followed up with Morey, as Abbott (and I'm sure many others, including me) was unsure what Morey's criteria were. Morey responded:

[The Rockets are the] only team since ABA/NBA merger (1976) with over a .500 record without an All-Star playing over 100 minutes.

Abbott also wrote:

[Morey] went on to explain that by "All-Star" he meant anyone who had ever been an All-Star, not just a current one [...]

My first reaction to this was "Is Morey correct?" My second reaction? "Wait a second, I can easily check this." So I did...

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