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NBA & ABA Year-by-Year Leaders and Records for Free Throw Pct

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Season Lg Player FT% Tm
2015-16 NBA Stephen Curry.9075 GSW
2014-15 NBA Stephen Curry.9139 GSW
2013-14 NBA Brian Roberts.9398 NOP
2012-13 NBA Kevin Durant.9053 OKC
2011-12 NBA Jamal Crawford.9272 POR
2010-11 NBA Stephen Curry.9339 GSW
2009-10 NBA Steve Nash.9378 PHO
2008-09 NBA Jose Calderon.9805 TOR
2007-08 NBA Peja Stojakovic.9286 NOH
2006-07 NBA Kyle Korver.9139 PHI
2005-06 NBA Steve Nash.9211 PHO
2004-05 NBA Reggie Miller*.9328 IND
2003-04 NBA Peja Stojakovic.9271 SAC
2002-03 NBA Allan Houston.9190 NYK
2001-02 NBA Reggie Miller*.9108 IND
2000-01 NBA Reggie Miller*.9282 IND
1999-00 NBA Jeff Hornacek.9500 UTA
1998-99 NBA Reggie Miller*.9150 IND
1997-98 NBA Chris Mullin*.9390 IND
1996-97 NBA Mark Price.9064 GSW
1995-96 NBA Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.9299 DEN
1994-95 NBA Spud Webb.9339 SAC
1993-94 NBA Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.9563 DEN
1992-93 NBA Mark Price.9475 CLE
1991-92 NBA Mark Price.9474 CLE
1990-91 NBA Reggie Miller*.9183 IND
1989-90 NBA Larry Bird*.9300 BOS
1988-89 NBA Magic Johnson*.9112 LAL
1987-88 NBA Jack Sikma.9224 MIL
1986-87 NBA Larry Bird*.9099 BOS
1985-86 NBA Larry Bird*.8963 BOS
1984-85 NBA Kyle Macy.9071 PHO
1983-84 NBA Larry Bird*.8884 BOS
1982-83 NBA Calvin Murphy*.9200 HOU
1981-82 NBA Kyle Macy.8994 PHO
1980-81 NBA Calvin Murphy*.9581 HOU
1979-80 NBA Rick Barry*.9346 HOU
1978-79 NBA Rick Barry*.9467 HOU
1977-78 NBA Rick Barry*.9242 GSW
1976-77 NBA Ernie DiGregorio.9452 BUF
1975-76 NBA Rick Barry*.9228 GSW
  ABA Mack Calvin.8877 VIR
1974-75 NBA Rick Barry*.9037 GSW
  ABA Mack Calvin.8962 DNA
1973-74 NBA Ernie DiGregorio.9016 BUF
  ABA Jimmy Jones.8842 UTS
1972-73 NBA Rick Barry*.9018 GSW
  ABA Bill Keller.8699 INA
1971-72 NBA Jack Marin.8945 BAL
  ABA George Lehmann.8802 TOT
1970-71 NBA Chet Walker*.8587 CHI
  ABA Mike Butler.9107 UTS
1969-70 NBA Flynn Robinson.8978 MIL
  ABA Darel Carrier.8919 KEN
1968-69 NBA Larry Siegfried.8638 BOS
  ABA Rick Barry*.8877 OAK
1967-68 NBA Oscar Robertson*.8727 CIN
  ABA Charles Beasley.8716 DLC
1966-67 NBA Adrian Smith.9026 CIN
1965-66 NBA Larry Siegfried.8810 BOS
1964-65 NBA Larry Costello.8773 PHI
1963-64 NBA Oscar Robertson*.8529 CIN
1962-63 NBA Larry Costello.8807 SYR
1961-62 NBA Dolph Schayes*.8966 SYR
1960-61 NBA Bill Sharman*.9211 BOS
1959-60 NBA Dolph Schayes*.8928 SYR
1958-59 NBA Bill Sharman*.9319 BOS
1957-58 NBA Dolph Schayes*.9037 SYR
1956-57 NBA Bill Sharman*.9050 BOS
1955-56 NBA Bill Sharman*.8668 BOS
1954-55 NBA Bill Sharman*.8966 BOS
1953-54 NBA Bill Sharman*.8444 BOS
1952-53 NBA Bill Sharman*.8504 BOS
1951-52 NBA Bobby Wanzer*.9041 ROC
1950-51 NBA Joe Fulks*.8552 PHW
1949-50 NBA Max Zaslofsky.8425 CHS
1948-49 BAA Bob Feerick.8591 WSC
1947-48 BAA Bob Feerick.7875 WSC
1946-47 BAA Fred Scolari.8111 WSC