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NBA & ABA Year-by-Year Leaders and Records for Offensive Rebound Pct

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Season Lg Player ORB% Tm
2015-16 NBA Enes Kanter16.66 OKC
2014-15 NBA Andre Drummond18.27 DET
2013-14 NBA Andre Drummond17.45 DET
2012-13 NBA Reggie Evans15.52 BRK
2011-12 NBA Nikola Pekovic15.78 MIN
2010-11 NBA DeJuan Blair14.76 SAS
2009-10 NBA Kevin Love14.55 MIN
2008-09 NBA Kevin Love15.08 MIN
2007-08 NBA Jeff Foster14.95 IND
2006-07 NBA Jeff Foster16.49 IND
2005-06 NBA Erick Dampier17.33 DAL
2004-05 NBA Dan Gadzuric17.04 MIL
2003-04 NBA Erick Dampier16.09 GSW
2002-03 NBA Vladimir Stepania14.85 MIA
2001-02 NBA Elton Brand15.00 LAC
2000-01 NBA Dikembe Mutombo*13.34 TOT
1999-00 NBA Jerome Williams15.28 DET
1998-99 NBA Jerome Williams16.65 DET
1997-98 NBA Jayson Williams20.54 NJN
1996-97 NBA Dennis Rodman*18.85 CHI
1995-96 NBA Dennis Rodman*19.89 CHI
1994-95 NBA Dennis Rodman*20.83 SAS
1993-94 NBA Dennis Rodman*17.94 SAS
1992-93 NBA Dennis Rodman*16.13 DET
1991-92 NBA Chris Dudley18.45 NJN
1990-91 NBA Larry Smith16.83 HOU
1989-90 NBA Dennis Rodman*16.15 DET
1988-89 NBA Dennis Rodman*17.57 DET
1987-88 NBA Roy Tarpley17.25 DAL
1986-87 NBA Charles Barkley*16.74 PHI
1985-86 NBA Larry Smith16.42 GSW
1984-85 NBA Hakeem Olajuwon*16.88 HOU
1983-84 NBA Moses Malone*15.73 PHI
1982-83 NBA Moses Malone*16.79 PHI
1981-82 NBA Moses Malone*17.52 HOU
1980-81 NBA Larry Smith18.34 GSW
1979-80 NBA Moses Malone*19.60 HOU
1978-79 NBA Moses Malone*19.18 HOU
1977-78 NBA Moses Malone*18.60 HOU
1976-77 NBA Moses Malone*19.79 TOT
1975-76 NBA Paul Silas13.45 BOS
  ABA Kim Hughes14.80 NYA
1974-75 NBA John Drew14.39 ATL
  ABA Moses Malone*15.50 UTS
1973-74 NBA Paul Silas12.77 BOS
  ABA Tom Owens13.85 CAR
1972-73 ABA Gene Moore12.28 SDA
1971-72 ABA George McGinnis12.62 INA