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NBA & ABA Year-by-Year Playoff Leaders and Records for Steal Pct

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Active players are listed in bold.
Members of the Hall of Fame are marked with an asterisk (*).

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Year Lg Player STL% Tm
2016 NBA Danny Green4.11 SAS
2015 NBA Tony Allen4.49 MEM
2014 NBA Chris Paul3.92 LAC
2013 NBA Tony Allen3.86 MEM
2012 NBA Chris Paul3.83 LAC
2011 NBA Manu Ginobili3.95 SAS
2010 NBA Manu Ginobili3.90 SAS
2009 NBA Mario Chalmers5.03 MIA
2008 NBA Derek Fisher3.36 LAL
2007 NBA Baron Davis3.62 GSW
2006 NBA Lindsey Hunter3.91 DET
2005 NBA Andre Iguodala3.98 PHI
2004 NBA Jamaal Tinsley3.68 IND
2003 NBA Toni Kukoc3.73 MIL
2002 NBA Baron Davis4.24 CHH
2001 NBA Baron Davis3.82 CHH
2000 NBA Greg Anthony3.41 POR
1999 NBA Larry Hughes4.23 PHI
1998 NBA Jason Kidd4.91 PHO
1997 NBA Charlie Ward3.90 NYK
1996 NBA Clyde Drexler*3.69 HOU
1995 NBA Michael Jordan*3.00 CHI
1994 NBA Scottie Pippen*3.52 CHI
1993 NBA Nate McMillan5.16 SEA
1992 NBA Greg Anthony4.26 NYK
1991 NBA B.J. Armstrong3.79 CHI
1990 NBA Michael Jordan*3.46 CHI
1989 NBA Sedale Threatt4.26 SEA
1988 NBA John Stockton*3.91 UTA
1987 NBA John Stockton*4.78 UTA
1986 NBA Sedale Threatt3.60 PHI
1985 NBA Fat Lever3.36 DEN
1984 NBA Darrell Walker5.97 NYK
1983 NBA Bob McAdoo*3.16 LAL
1982 NBA Magic Johnson*3.31 LAL
1981 NBA Allen Leavell4.26 HOU
1980 NBA Quinn Buckner4.51 MIL
1979 NBA Maurice Cheeks5.09 PHI
1978 NBA Charles Johnson3.30 WSB
1977 NBA Bobby Jones4.13 DEN
1976 NBA Charles Dudley3.89 GSW
  ABA Mike Gale3.95 SAA
1975 NBA Slick Watts4.39 SEA
  ABA Fatty Taylor4.54 DNA
1974 NBA Phil Chenier2.11 CAP
  ABA Don Buse4.66 INA