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NBA & ABA Year-by-Year Playoff Leaders and Records for Win Shares Per 48 Minutes

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Year Lg Player WS/48 Tm
2016 NBA Paul George.2838 IND
2015 NBA Chris Paul.2481 LAC
2014 NBA LeBron James.2703 MIA
2013 NBA Chris Andersen.3086 MIA
2012 NBA LeBron James.2842 MIA
2011 NBA Chris Paul.2424 NOH
2010 NBA Dirk Nowitzki.2912 DAL
2009 NBA LeBron James.3994 CLE
2008 NBA Chris Paul.2887 NOH
2007 NBA Amar'e Stoudemire.2690 PHO
2006 NBA Dirk Nowitzki.2634 DAL
2005 NBA Paul Pierce.3009 BOS
2004 NBA Dirk Nowitzki.2871 DAL
2003 NBA Tim Duncan.2792 SAS
2002 NBA Jamaal Magloire.2498 CHH
2001 NBA Shaquille O'Neal*.2602 LAL
2000 NBA Shaquille O'Neal*.2241 LAL
1999 NBA Marcus Camby.2800 NYK
1998 NBA Steve Smith.2688 ATL
1997 NBA Anfernee Hardaway.2395 ORL
1996 NBA Michael Jordan*.3064 CHI
1995 NBA Shawn Kemp.2597 SEA
1994 NBA Detlef Schrempf.2598 SEA
1993 NBA Michael Jordan*.2700 CHI
1992 NBA Karl Malone*.2198 UTA
1991 NBA Michael Jordan*.3325 CHI
1990 NBA Michael Jordan*.2837 CHI
1989 NBA Michael Jordan*.2703 CHI
1988 NBA Hakeem Olajuwon*.3855 HOU
1987 NBA Magic Johnson*.2650 LAL
1986 NBA Magic Johnson*.2666 LAL
1985 NBA Sidney Moncrief.2169 MIL
1984 NBA Larry Bird*.2356 BOS
1983 NBA Moses Malone*.2599 PHI
1982 NBA Kevin McHale*.2568 BOS
1981 NBA Marques Johnson.2600 MIL
1980 NBA Cedric Maxwell.2555 BOS
1979 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*.2218 LAL
1978 NBA Steve Mix.3112 PHI
1977 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*.3324 LAL
1976 NBA Bob Lanier*.2133 DET
  ABA Julius Erving*.3213 NYA
1975 NBA Don Nelson*.2094 BOS
  ABA Moses Malone*.2316 UTS
1974 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*.2971 MIL
  ABA Julius Erving*.2467 NYA
1973 NBA Oscar Robertson*.2362 MIL
  ABA Artis Gilmore*.2080 KEN
1972 NBA Walt Frazier*.2271 NYK
  ABA Julius Erving*.2675 VIR
1971 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*.2711 MIL
  ABA Dan Issel*.2380 KEN
1970 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*.2859 MIL
  ABA Larry Jones.2438 DNR
1969 NBA Jerry West*.2735 LAL
  ABA Jimmy Jones.2751 NOB
1968 NBA Jerry West*.2779 LAL
  ABA Connie Hawkins*.3099 PTP
1967 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*.2529 PHI
1966 NBA Jerry West*.2374 LAL
1965 NBA Bill Russell*.2857 BOS
1964 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*.3228 SFW
1963 NBA Bob Pettit*.2436 STL
1962 NBA Wilt Chamberlain*.2596 PHW
1961 NBA Bill Sharman*.2571 BOS
1960 NBA Elgin Baylor*.2646 MNL
1959 NBA Frank Ramsey*.3225 BOS
1958 NBA Cliff Hagan*.3124 STL
1957 NBA Frank Ramsey*.2904 BOS
1956 NBA Paul Arizin*.2618 PHW
1955 NBA Dolph Schayes*.2421 SYR
1954 NBA George Mikan*.3912 MNL
1953 NBA George Mikan*.2045 MNL
1952 NBA Dolph Schayes*.2838 SYR