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Full regular season game logs (all stats) available for the 1983-84 through 2015-16 seasons.
Full playoff game logs available for 1983-84 through 2015-16

Partial regular season game logs (FG, FT, FTA, and PTS) available for the 1963-64 through 1982-83 seasons.
Partial playoff game logs available for 1963-64 through 1982-83

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Query Results Table
Rk Player First Last Games
1Bill Laimbeer1987-01-071987-01-2310
2Dennis Rodman1992-04-031992-04-199
3Bill Laimbeer1986-10-311986-11-126
4Dennis Rodman1988-02-131988-02-236
5Dennis Rodman1991-02-181991-02-286
6Dennis Rodman1991-12-101991-12-165
7Dennis Rodman1992-01-101992-01-195
8Bill Laimbeer1988-01-271988-02-014
9Dennis Rodman1987-11-241987-11-284
10Bill Laimbeer1989-03-061989-03-124
11Dennis Rodman1989-02-161989-02-224
12Bill Laimbeer1987-02-051987-02-144
13Bill Laimbeer1991-02-241991-02-283
14Bill Laimbeer1989-11-281989-12-013
15Bill Laimbeer1987-03-211987-03-253
16Bill Laimbeer1990-04-221990-11-033
17Bill Laimbeer1986-12-061986-12-123
18Bill Laimbeer1988-04-051988-04-093
19Bill Laimbeer1990-01-101990-01-133
20Bill Laimbeer1986-12-271987-01-023
Rk Player First Last Games
21Dennis Rodman1991-01-081991-01-123
22Bill Laimbeer1987-01-261987-01-293
23Bill Laimbeer1987-12-291988-01-023
24Bill Laimbeer1991-01-081991-01-123
25Bill Laimbeer1987-02-211987-02-243
26Bill Laimbeer1987-03-061987-03-103
27Dennis Rodman1992-01-281992-01-313
28Dennis Rodman1992-02-181992-02-192
29Dennis Rodman1991-03-091991-03-112
30Bill Laimbeer1988-02-091988-02-102
31Bill Laimbeer1989-01-131989-01-152
32Dennis Rodman1988-03-091988-03-112
33Dennis Rodman1992-02-251992-02-272
34Rick Mahorn1988-11-041988-11-052
35Bill Laimbeer1990-03-241990-03-252
36Dennis Rodman1992-03-021992-03-042
37Dennis Rodman1988-03-251988-03-262
38Dennis Rodman1992-03-181992-03-202
39Dennis Rodman1990-03-301990-04-032
40Dennis Rodman1991-04-141991-04-162
Rk Player First Last Games
41Dennis Rodman1992-03-251992-03-272
42Bill Laimbeer1989-02-181989-02-202
43Rick Mahorn1987-12-041987-12-082
44Dennis Rodman1989-11-151989-11-172
45Bill Laimbeer1988-03-121988-03-142
46Bill Laimbeer1989-03-011989-03-032
47Bill Laimbeer1987-04-151987-04-172
48Sidney Green1986-12-041986-12-062
49Rick Mahorn1987-12-151987-12-182
50Rick Mahorn1988-01-061988-01-082
51Dennis Rodman1991-11-231991-11-262
52Bill Laimbeer1987-11-101987-11-132
53Dennis Rodman1989-01-221989-01-252
54Bill Laimbeer1988-04-131988-04-152
55Dennis Rodman1989-01-291989-01-312
56Sidney Green1986-12-301987-01-022
57Bill Laimbeer1989-03-251989-03-272
58Bill Laimbeer1990-01-191990-01-212
59Bill Laimbeer1987-12-011987-12-022
60Dennis Rodman1989-12-231989-12-272
Rk Player First Last Games
61Bill Laimbeer1987-12-081987-12-112
62Bill Laimbeer1990-12-181990-12-192
63Bill Laimbeer1987-12-181987-12-252
64Dennis Rodman1992-01-021992-01-032
65Dennis Rodman1989-03-061989-03-082
66Dennis Rodman1991-01-261991-01-282
67Dennis Rodman1988-02-041988-02-092
68Bill Laimbeer1990-02-081990-02-132
69Bill Laimbeer1988-12-101988-12-142
70Bill Laimbeer1991-02-051991-02-072
71Dennis Rodman1991-02-071991-02-132
72Bill Laimbeer1988-01-201988-01-222
73Rick Mahorn1988-03-051988-03-062
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