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Play-by-play data available for the 2000-01 through 2016-17 seasons.
Play-by-play stats are unofficial. Minor differences with official season totals may exist.
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Query Results Table
Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
1Eric Gordon2016-17HOU747.571347.5713.85741.000
2Mirza Teletovic2016-17MIL447.571347.5713.85741.000
3Bojan Bogdanovic2016-17TOT647.571347.5713.8572.500
4Kyle Korver2016-17TOT849.444549.4445.66741.000
5Klay Thompson2016-17GSW637.429437.4294.64331.000
6Stephen Curry2016-17GSW281233.364211233.36421.5453.250
7Kyle Lowry2016-17TOR626.333426.3334.5000.000
8LeBron James2016-17CLE9412.3338412.3338.50041.000
9Russell Westbrook2016-17OKC839.333639.3336.5001.333
10Ryan Anderson2016-17HOU526.333426.3334.50021.000
11DeMar DeRozan2016-17TOR727.286527.2865.42921.000
12Damian Lillard2016-17POR21828.28620828.28620.4291.125
13James Harden2016-17HOU13313.23110313.23110.3460.000
14Isaiah Thomas2016-17BOS829.222729.2227.3331.500
15Glenn Robinson2016-17IND415.200415.2004.3000.000
16Zach Randolph2016-17MEM415.200415.2004.30011.000
17Raymond Felton2016-17LAC515.200415.2004.3000.000
18C.J. Miles2016-17IND515.200415.2004.3000.000
19Nik Stauskas2016-17PHI515.200415.2004.3000.000
20Kentavious Caldwell-Pope2016-17DET515.200415.2004.3000.000
Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
21Sergio Rodriguez2016-17PHI515.200415.2004.3000.000
22Jamal Crawford2016-17LAC10211.1829211.1829.27321.000
23Kyrie Irving2016-17CLE10211.1829211.1829.2731.500
24Troy Daniels2016-17MEM416.167516.1675.2500.000
25Devin Booker2016-17PHO616.167516.1675.2500.000
26Tim Hardaway2016-17ATL818.125718.1257.18811.000
27Jamal Murray2016-17DEN919.111819.1118.1670.000
28Justin Anderson2016-17TOT606.000606.0006.0000
29Kemba Walker2016-17CHO505.000505.0005.0000
30Paul George2016-17IND405.000505.0005.0000
31Jeff Teague2016-17IND506.000606.0006.0000
32J.R. Smith2016-17CLE506.000606.0006.0000
33Ish Smith2016-17DET606.000606.0006.0000
34Deron Williams2016-17DAL505.000505.0005.0000
35Marcus Smart2016-17BOS808.000808.0008.0000
36John Wall2016-17WAS606.000606.0006.0000
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