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Play-by-play data available for the 2000-01 through 2016-17 seasons.
Play-by-play stats are unofficial. Minor differences with official season totals may exist.

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Poss Net (Per 100 Possessions)
Rk Lineup Tm Season G MP Tm Opp Pace FG FGA FG% 3P 3PA 3P% eFG% FT FTA FT% PTS
1K. Faried | D. Gallinari | A. Iguodala | T. Lawson | A. MillerDEN2012-1329104.820420092.6+5.6+4.8+.039-0.7-5.4+.055+.032+5.0+11.7-.096+15.5
2K. Faried | D. Gallinari | A. Iguodala | K. Koufos | A. MillerDEN2012-1315116.621120986.5+5.8-3.3+.079-2.9-14.5+.109+.065+2.3+8.4-.122+10.9
3K. Faried | D. Gallinari | A. Iguodala | K. Koufos | T. LawsonDEN2012-1362795.61541154993.2+4.0+2.1+.033-0.8+0.2-.043+.028-0.1+2.0-.077+7.0
4C. Brewer | W. Chandler | A. Iguodala | J. McGee | A. MillerDEN2012-1332139.428727596.7+7.0-1.6+.087-2.4-6.6-.031+.074-6.0-3.4-.165+5.6
5K. Faried | D. Gallinari | A. Iguodala | T. Lawson | J. McGeeDEN2012-1338108.321821495.8-9.6-10.9-.048-0.1-2.7+.041-0.043+8.0+17.6-.165-11.3