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Play-by-play data available for the 2000-01 through 2016-17 seasons.
Play-by-play stats are unofficial. Minor differences with official season totals may exist.
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Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
1John Wall2013-14WAS825791337.433758108308.351200.473154.266
2Goran Dragic2013-14PHO765521093.505541122299.408177.561155.281
3Stephen Curry2013-14GSW786521383.471731261615.424354.566196.301
4Kyrie Irving2013-14CLE715321237.430705123344.358221.480165.310
5Monta Ellis2013-14DAL825761278.45170269209.330140.478194.337
6James Harden2013-14HOU735491205.456656177483.366306.529187.341
7Rudy Gay2013-14TOT735371179.45564265197.330132.483183.341
8Carmelo Anthony2013-14NYK777431643.452900167415.402248.503287.386
9Damian Lillard2013-14POR825531304.424751218554.394336.508220.398
10LeBron James2013-14MIA777671353.567586116306.379190.610319.416
11Zach Randolph2013-14MEM795601198.467638220.10018.468259.463
12Kevin Durant2013-14OKC818491688.503839192491.391299.560401.472
13Paul George2013-14IND805761361.423785182500.364318.490284.493
14DeMar DeRozan2013-14TOR796041407.42980364210.305146.452305.505
15DeMarcus Cousins2013-14SAC715911191.49660007.0007.496315.533
16Greg Monroe2013-14DET825041015.49751101.0001.497281.558
17Dirk Nowitzki2013-14DAL806331273.497640131329.398198.549375.592
18Josh Smith2013-14DET775171233.41971670265.264195.448310.600
19LaMarcus Aldridge2013-14POR696521423.458771315.20012.459391.600
20Al Jefferson2013-14CHA737001376.509676315.20012.510429.613
Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
21Thaddeus Young2013-14PHI795821283.45470190292.308202.489358.615
22Blake Griffin2013-14LAC807181359.5286411244.27332.533468.652
23Kevin Love2013-14MIN776501422.457772190505.376315.524426.655
24Anthony Davis2013-14NOP675221005.51948329.2227.520349.669
25David Lee2013-14GSW69513981.52346801.0001.523350.682
26Klay Thompson2013-14GSW815591259.444700223535.417312.533420.751
27Serge Ibaka2013-14OKC81524978.5364542360.38337.548418.798
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