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Play-by-play data available for the 2000-01 through 2016-17 seasons.
Play-by-play stats are unofficial. Minor differences with official season totals may exist.
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Query Results Table
Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
1Joe Johnson2012-13BRK3331.00000001.0000.000
2J.R. Smith2012-13NYK2221.00000001.0001.500
3Kyrie Irving2012-13CLE2221.0000111.00001.2500.000
4Jeff Green2012-13BOS2221.00000001.00021.000
5Alonzo Gee2012-13CLE1111.00000001.0000.000
6Jordan Crawford2012-13WAS1111.0000111.00001.50011.000
7Andre Miller2012-13DEN1111.00000001.0000.000
8LaMarcus Aldridge2012-13POR1111.00000001.00011.000
9Rudy Gay2012-13TOR1111.00000001.0000.000
10Mike Conley2012-13MEM212.500101.0001.5000.000
11Mo Williams2012-13UTA212.5001111.0000.7500.000
12George Hill2012-13IND212.5001000.5000.000
13Marc Gasol2012-13MEM1111.00000001.0000.000
14Damian Lillard2012-13POR415.200414.2503.30011.000
15Monta Ellis2012-13MIL1111.0000111.00001.50011.000
16Chase Budinger2012-13MIN1111.00000001.00011.000
17Ty Lawson2012-13DEN212.5001000.5000.000
18James Harden2012-13HOU1111.0000111.00001.5000.000
19Nate Robinson2012-13CHI1111.00000001.0000.000
20Kyle Korver2012-13ATL1111.0000111.00001.50011.000
Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
21Kemba Walker2012-13CHA1111.00000001.0000.000
22Chris Bosh2012-13MIA313.3332111.0000.50011.000
23James Johnson2012-13SAC1111.0000111.00001.50011.000
24Greivis Vasquez2012-13NOH212.5001000.5000.000
25Draymond Green2012-13GSW1111.00000001.00011.000
26Goran Dragic2012-13PHO1111.00000001.0000.000
27Bradley Beal2012-13WAS1111.00000001.0000.000
28Brandon Jennings2012-13MIL1111.0000111.00001.50011.000
29Isaiah Thomas2012-13SAC1111.00000001.0000.000
30DeMar DeRozan2012-13TOR212.5001000.5000.000
31Chris Paul2012-13LAC1111.00000001.0000.000
32Nicolas Batum2012-13POR1111.0000111.00001.50011.000
33Tony Parker2012-13SAS212.500101.0001.50011.000
34Ryan Anderson2012-13NOH1111.00000001.00011.000
35LeBron James2012-13MIA313.3332000.3330.000
36Manu Ginobili2012-13SAS112.5001111.0000.75011.000
37Anthony Davis2012-13NOH1111.00000001.0000.000
38Reggie Williams2012-13CHA101.000101.0001.0000
39Josh Smith2012-13ATL202.0002000.0000
40O.J. Mayo2012-13DAL101.0001000.0000
Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
41Larry Sanders2012-13MIL101.0001000.0000
42Darren Collison2012-13DAL101.0001000.0000
43Deron Williams2012-13BRK303.000302.0002.0000
44Roy Hibbert2012-13IND101.0001000.0000
45Rajon Rondo2012-13BOS202.000201.0001.0000
46David West2012-13IND101.000101.0001.0000
47Kevin Durant2012-13OKC101.0001000.0000
48Kobe Bryant2012-13LAL101.0001000.0000
49Richard Hamilton2012-13CHI101.0001000.0000
50Zach Randolph2012-13MEM202.0002000.0000
51Tim Duncan2012-13SAS101.0001000.0000
52Dwyane Wade2012-13MIA202.0002000.0000
53Jared Dudley2012-13PHO101.000101.0001.0000
54Paul Pierce2012-13BOS404.0004000.0000
55Marco Belinelli2012-13CHI101.0001000.0000
56Nikola Pekovic2012-13MIN102.0002000.0000
57Eric Gordon2012-13NOH101.0001000.0000
58Al Jefferson2012-13UTA101.000101.0001.0000
59Jason Terry2012-13BOS202.000202.0002.0000
60Ben Gordon2012-13CHA101.000101.0001.0000
Rk Player Season Tm G FG FGA FG% FGX 3P 3PA 3P% 3PX eFG% Ast'd %Ast'd
61Luol Deng2012-13CHI101.0001000.0000
62Lance Stephenson2012-13IND101.0001000.0000
63Joakim Noah2012-13CHI103.0003000.0000
64Ray Allen2012-13MIA101.000101.0001.0000
65Jarrett Jack2012-13GSW101.000101.0001.0000
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