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Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   AS HS PS FS
1Al Harrington1998125IND1999201442.52111
2Rashard Lewis1998232SEA1999201490.91322
3Korleone Young1998240DET199919990.17233
4Dan Gadzuric (college)2002234University of California, Los AngelesMIL2003201215.86565
5Stromile Swift (college)200012Louisiana State UniversityVAN2001200921.311446
6Ronald Curry (college)University of North Carolina12794
7JaRon Rush (college)University of California, Los Angeles31779
8Joel Przybilla (college)200019University of MinnesotaHOU2001201323.046207
9Quentin Richardson (college)2000118DePaul UniversityLAC2001201332.888148
10Jason Capel (college)University of North Carolina524510
11Vincent Yarbrough (college)2002233University of TennesseeDEN200320031.010201111
12Tayshaun Prince (college)2002123University of KentuckyDET2003201663.11891615
13Mike Miller (college)200015University of FloridaORL2001201760.79212114
14Kevin Lyde (college)Temple University15162317
T14Dane Fife (college)Indiana University23151518
16Ray Young (college)University of California, Los Angeles13112722
T16Corey Maggette (college)1999113Duke UniversitySEA2000201362.219181224
18Corey HightowerIndian Hills Community College26101921
19Keyon Dooling (college)2000110University of MissouriORL2001201318.514361819
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   AS HS PS FS
20Teddy Dupay (college)University of Florida35122220
21Frank Williams (college)2002125University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDEN200320050.130222812
22Kris Lang (college)University of North Carolina28262623
23Anthony Glover (college)St. John's University25132541
24Lance Williams (college)DePaul University50251728
25Adam Harrington (college)Auburn University200320030.022314030
26Bobby Simmons (college)2001242DePaul UniversitySEA2002201220.146193734
27Dan Miller (college)University of Notre Dame24275235
28Lloyd Price (college)Xavier University20232476
29Erick Barkley (college)2000128St. John's UniversityPOR200120020.2171016
T29Michael Wright (college)University of Arizona16523046
31Jules Camara (college)University of Kentucky44354226
32Antonio Latimer58283825
33Robert Jackson (college)Marquette University49304332
T33Richard Jefferson (college)2001113University of ArizonaHOU2002201883.021465829
35B.B. Waldon (college)University of South Florida32294945
36Doug Wrenn (college)University of Washington76144427
37Ronald Blackshear (college)Marshall University29454840
T37Rasual Butler (college)2002253La Salle UniversityMIA2003201620.847373642
39Tony Bland (college)San Diego State University59413236
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   AS HS PS FS
40Jeff Boschee (college)University of Kansas34434747
41Travis Robinson (college)Jacksonville University67383533
42Tony Kitchings (college)University of South Carolina41405043
43Ruben Douglas (college)University of New Mexico45584638
T43Paris London (college)Arkansas State University70324144
45Joey Range (college)University of Iowa333331
46Fred Primus (college)East Carolina University73483149
T46Troy Murphy (college)2001114University of Notre DameGSW2002201350.327663969
48Jose Winston (college)University of Colorado54425555
49Sam Clancy (college)University of Southern California38695154
50Brandon Dean (college)University of Arkansas37507058
51Eugene Land (college)University of Cincinnati42706639
52Chris Richardson (college)University of Nevada, Las Vegas69347348
53Ladarius Halton (college)University of Florida39545779
54Fred Jones (college)2002114University of OregonIND2003200916.566339053
T54Matt Barnes (college)2002246University of California, Los AngelesMEM2004201742.871535464
56Tony Akins (college)Georgia Institute of Technology43557770
57Broderick Hicks (college)Wake Forest University56786350
58Darius Songaila (college)2002250Wake Forest UniversityBOS2004201115.93413
59Kevin Braswell (college)Georgetown University40728361
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   AS HS PS FS
60De Angelo McDaniel (college)University of Tulsa82497160
61Desmond Allison (college)University of Kentucky486456
62Clarence Gilbert (college)University of Missouri84397280
63D.A. Layne (college)University of Georgia646152
64Bobby Smith (college)Villanova University555667
T64Keith Bean (college)Texas A&M University65719251
66Ernest Brown2000252Indian Hills Community CollegeMIA20022002-0.2826537
67Rick Anderson (college)University of Arizona448457
T67Cedric Taylor317381
69Louis Truscott (college)University of Houston63639768
70Craig Dawson (college)Wake Forest University944562
71Luke Walton (college)2003232University of ArizonaLAL2004201313.5369674100
72Udonis Haslem (college)University of Florida2004201950.7786563
T72Desmond Herod (college)Seton Hall University74946277
74Scott Clark676081
75Jerome Moiso (college)2000111University of California, Los AngelesBOS200120052.18
76Antwan Scott (college)Wake Forest University88807965
77J.R. Vanhoose (college)Marshall University86955975
78Schea Cotton (college)University of Alabama13
79David Hamilton (college)Auburn University4771
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   AS HS PS FS
80Lonny Baxter (college)2002244University of MarylandCHI200320062.9807666
81Kueth Duany (college)Syracuse University876472
82Traves Wilson (college)Illinois State University686891
T82Steve Bynes539282
82John Salmons (college)2002126University of MiamiSAS2003201533.9766784
85Ajou Deng (college)University of Connecticut898059
86Tyrus Boswell (college)Mississippi State University29
87Chris Jefferies (college)2002127California State University, FresnoLAL20032004-0.5579087
88Marqus Ledoux (college)University of Tulsa519589
T88David Graves (college)University of Notre Dame5183
90Damon Hancock (college)Southern Methodist University90986986
91Dahntay Jones (college)2003120Duke UniversityBOS200420179.9836199
92Dennis Gates (college)University of California5985
93Mack McGadney (college)Auburn University5692
94Jermaine Williams (college)Louisiana State University629197
95Kyle Hornsby (college)Indiana University9357
96Donte Smith (college)University of California52
97Dennis Nathan (college)California State University, Fresno53
98Sam Haginas (college)University of Alabama6099
T98Aaron Matthews (college)Delaware State University968678
Component Rankings
RSCI Player Draft Rd Pk College Tm From To WS   AS HS PS FS
100Brian Brown (college)Ohio State University60
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