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Layups: “The New Coach”

Posted by Neil Paine on July 27, 2011

Ever feel bad for the Washington Generals? If so, then this video -- by loyal BBR reader Sean and his comedy group Rat Pageant -- is for you:

The New Coach - watch more funny videos

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4 Responses to “Layups: “The New Coach””

  1. Imadogg Says:

    Shoutout to Reseda, Ca woo.

    Good stuff

  2. alvin Says:

    And that's a real coach. He knows what his doing he encourages his players to do their best to win. Thanks for this video it gives me an idea on how to be a good player.

  3. huevonkiller Says:

    I think Sean and his group did a great job.

  4. Jared Ras Says:

    Really clever premise, great job.