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Layups: Former Track Stars Turned Pro in Other Sports

Posted by Neil Paine on September 22, 2010

Although it's barely pertinent from a basketball perspective (Willie Sojourner, Fred Sheffield, and Walt Davis -- who apparently was a world-record-holding Olympic high jumper before his rather mediocre NBA career -- are the only hoops names on the list), Heimo Elonen has compiled a neat list of pro football, basketball, and baseball players who were track and field stars before pursuing a career in a different sport (as you might expect, lots of NFL players turn up here). All in all, it's an interesting piece of research if you're a sports fan.

One Response to “Layups: Former Track Stars Turned Pro in Other Sports”

  1. Heimo Elonen Says:

    Adding ...
    * Jackie Robinson: LJ 778 (1938); 3rd AAU 1938, 1st NCAA 1940
    MLB 1947-56 (HOF)